1. Dedinirion( I really repeat myseld) got it when in the army in some strange country meaning from the other US Marines….. stay calm, collected see, just stay calm to do that job, or othersm

        Stay Fristy or fuck you idiot

      2. Never come to my blog with insulsts, I don´t play got that? Stupid pucns behind computers, show your fucking faces,, sorry ass bittches you are,, show me punk show me, want me to g et crazy locoo cuck you, I Will destrooy you.
        But, taake as as a jolke, you never know
        I wrote what I thoght was a good poem, and you what? Just fucking around…….. do not mess with me, and that is a trust me bitch,, just show your face with me, with all your male Friends that way we have more fun, punk, go eat a dik never disrespect me, never

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