life sucks and is beautiful

Sorry, but I did get tired today reading a post,( why should I read that then, to learn)
actually there are quite a lot. So now I´m making Friends.
Yes, we all got it, life is hard. If you would live my situation,
you would probably crumble like a little girl. ( I could use better terms
but fuck it I´m pissed and this is a nice relief) These people that life is so hard….
you´re fucking writing from a mansion or Bahamas or not definetly from where I live,
I got the “drug lords”, punks, but we have fun together after having some
unresolved problems, but for now we are good. You talk about hardship in life….
fuck you, you don´t know what real hardship is like. Out of your brain.
I know this, that I hate people talking about “hardship in life”, when they themselfs
have never experience what TRUE hardship is, I just found a fish….that´s another one.
(Had to rhyme sorry but don´t worry).
You don´t have to preach the world how we should behave. I´m crazy, not lazy, and I am very empathetic,
too much by the way, but….. I just wanted to rant on you fakes. For me, you are fakes,
ever been homeless? In jail? That you so much promote to take care of them,
note-the criminal mind is not going to a ” safe space”, trust me but you have not lieved it.
Ever in the army? Deployed and shot at and kill? ….. I was just namming some very extreme examples,
so go and fuck you with your “great” knowledgeble sayings since your the expert that went to college.
To the point, you think your life is harsh and it sucks and it and it and it….you´ll find mores excuses.

I say life is beautiful when you focus it in the right direction, my direction for me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Never unfollow because you always learn. Plus it was just one post the person put, the other posts are nice to read.
      The point I was making, and when I said ” have you ever been homeless, in the army and deployed e.t.s” I´m talking from experience so back again to the point Point- treasure the small things.

      1. Mm, well yeah you’re right. Small experiences are that make us what we have become… 
        Personally I’ve represented armed forces as one of their councils at one point in life…and so somewhere I do understand what you mean…

  1. What have you focused on that is “beautiful,” Charlie? You never said what was so “beautiful” after all of your traumas in this. You never mentioned what is so beautiful after claiming more rights to your pain over other people’s pain. You never said what was more beautiful after saying you know more than everyone else does. So what is beautiful to you?
    Do you think being a killer in the army and homeless makes you more beautiful than a college student? Did you not sacrifice in the military so that the children and people might have a chance to be free where you come from? Or what happened? Why did you serve in the army? Was it voluntary? Or was it the draft?
    Your advice has been not to find excuses, so why are you making them for yourself? Who is that helping?

    1. Too many questions…..easy.
      It was a voluntary army, I did 6 months of 3 in basic training then to the unit then to Irak.
      I signed up another 2 years because I knew we Will eventually go to Afghanistan. I also knew that if I went to the civilian world nothing Good was happening for me nor for others.
      To your other point, you are not right, life is beautiful since I have 36 years old in this life and I am still alife, that is beautiful.
      To your other point, I don´t trash college students as you suggest, I admire them. Although quite a lot are mommys Boys and when they see the real world they seem shocked, no wonder.
      Another of you points…..I was not a killer so refrase that if you Will, I was a saber of no only my soldiers but of the Afghanistan people, that we, I say we saved their lifes putting our lifes on the line numerous times. So go and fuck you in the ass with the killer thing. Punk. Got me pissed off with that comment calling me a killer, littlle bitch

      1. I didn’t say life wasn’t beautiful. I asked you only one question, honestly, but in many ways. You have not said what is beautiful.
        I hear your pain.
        You were the one who wrote about killing in the army. You mentioned that college educated people don’t know what you do.
        You and I have commented back and forth years ago after you followed my blogs. You still follow my blog and call it “learning” when really you are on a “trigger” ready to be and feel insulted, while measuring your pain against everyone else.

        You said on a different post that “throwing like a girl” is an insult and you had no time to be charming more or less. (Paraphrasing) but so read it a weep:
        and then cry me a river.
        I don’t follow your blog. You follow mine and I’m just checking to see who you are… and yepper, it’s good ol’ Charly Priest trolling all the ladies while putting them down and feeling jealous.
        But sure, I won’t bug you again. So unfollow my Atlas and we’ll call it even.

      2. Hence we are done, have a happy life.
        You don´t follow my blog? That is weird, I follow you so call the WordPress pólice, you don´t follow? So why do you insulting comment on MY blog, that is not following right? I know people like you, you want to do a “media” battle, I know I´m a Good person, that I do know. So first it was that you called me a killer, now I´m a troll while trolling in the ring…..that was a Good rhyming in the timing.
        You´re just a fake that is what you are. I don´t as you call it “troll”, I see what you are about and call you out, when you wrtie on my blog, and yes I´m a guy that goes after women, that is the first thing that comes to mind when I wake up right?
        You´re just a dummy, ask whoever and most of them are women how in your mind ” troll”, ask, just fucking ask and make a campaign against me, do it since you are so Smart…..actually you are Smart for pulling this one out
        Love ya, take care, se you in hell wich you keep on comming you´ll see it since I´m the troll, never mind you calling me a killer lets completely forget your comment against me right? Your comments where insulting and as you call, trolling, you where the one who commented on my blog about me being a killer. That I do not accept, so you cry me a river, I would have actually worst attitude with a guy that with a girl. leeeeeets keep on trolling right? Look at the mirror once in a while and actually you might read your own comment about me being a killer, done with you, unfollow the not follow but keep followiing since it seems you are the internet pólice READING ME to find and insult me.
        Love ya

      3. Charly, you only feign “feel” insulted in order to pick your fights. I never followed your blog. I have commented before and then we parted ways because you always feel cornered and insulted and jealous. And you put down women in almost every post while following them. That makes you a troll.
        You pretend you are being policed by me, because you have been policed a lot by society. Remember when you told me about the guy you beat up in the bar? You wanted to justify your aggression. At the time you were posting about being called a racist. And you were very angry.
        I am asking you, what do you actually think is beautiful when you aren’t so preoccupied with being “insulted”?
        What is beautiful Charly?
        You said you killed in the army. You mentioned that. You wanted to know why college kids got the better shake than you. AND You posted drunk. In drunkenness, you lost your truth.
        Stop drinking. And don’t tell me, but tell yourself what is beautiful.
        Stop pretending to be insulted. You’ve been thru a lot. But so what?
        99% of everyone is going thru a lot.

      1. That’s what you always say when you’re looking for a fight Charly. You have been doing this for years just so you can blame women among other people for your anger.

      2. Told you in the last comment, I´m done with crazys like you, ask all the other woen who follow me that I´m a women hater or whatever your false terminology. Told you already,, is not about gender it´s about charácter. But go on…. and on… and on…..just ask my fellow female followers. It´s your job to be the internet police

      3. You are on my follow list. I don’t “follow” you.
        You may call me crazy. I could care less.
        But you were the one who said, “throw like a girl” as an insult on your other post while saying you didn’t have time to do otherwise… like you couldn’t give a shit. Because you don’t.
        I left you a link to show how women in history pitch in baseball and softball. Girls can throw. They can fight.
        You do make it about gender because you are trying to charm the so called ladies while abusing them, and you cry boo hoo I was a soldier in a war so if you insult me, you’re a bitch going to hell. SO, FUCK your patriarchal bullshit.
        Get over yourself. So what. You went to Iraq. You served voluntarily in an unjust war that Baby Bush pulled your country into. Boo Hoo. Go ahead, be insulted. But you followed my Atlas. And you should unfollow it, since you are done “learning” from me.

      4. And as for your said female followers… I could not say for sure why they tolerate you. But I would not by any means try to tell them not to. I don’t care what their interest is. So don’t use them to boast to me.

      5. Altho… probably because you are homeless, many women follow you because they feel sorry for you and in some way want to help. And you definitely take advantage of that.
        I know men like you.

      6. I would have never encountered you (your blog) unless you tapped mine and followed it Charly. I realize you need to evade me now for your own personal ambitions. Good luck being a killer and a drunk and fighter who wants empathy. That’s a hard knock life. Take care now. Try not to get offended and try not to follow people who won’t flatter your low self esteem.

      7. last word,
        when them ladies YOU say “follow” YOU, actually confront me and defend you, I might listen. Until then, not so much.

      8. They are not ” ladies” stop using that as a shield. They are humans that see through you, I thoutht you said in another comment you where going to stop…….keep going

      9. You said “ladies” before I did. I used your term. But who cares what you call us females while insulting us and making excuses for it. And none of them are defending you. It’s just you Charly.

      10. Never, or ever, what you insinuate about women. Guess what? I was raised by a single MOTHER I call her not lady, but laaaaaaaaaaaaadies! I´m really done with your bullshit. Out as we said me and my soldiers TOUGH men, out.
        But I bet you will keep on comming

      11. You were the one who put the ladies down and used the term ladies. You do put women down in all of your posts. Fuck dumb soldiers who get drunk. Fuck men like boo hoo Charly who keep looking for a fight and blame women. So what you had a single mom. Me too, big deal. My mom is better than yours and she could kick your mom’s ass twice.

      12. Get sober Charly. So far you never said what you find beautiful. You keep evading. Because whenever someone tells you the truth you fight. You go into fight mode. You aren’t dismissing me. You invite this. You wanna learn from me. But you are mean. And you are a drunk. So it’s very hard for you to get humble.

      13. That’s not a good enough answer Charly. Stop being mean and stop getting drunk.

      14. and by all means, if the laaaadies wanna talk to me about you, I’ll give ’em the time of day. So far, they aren’t begging for my attention to defend your sorry ass.

      15. You complemented me, you said sorry ass, thank you. What about the women that follow and encourage me to write? Anything you want to tell them? As I told you, go and talk with them since I´m a really bad guy

      16. What I would tell the women who follow you, is not to bother. And if they still do, to be more honest with and put you in your FUCKING place. To say when you are a sexist racist shit ass, to say so. To not look to pleasing you for any reason.
        I am not hearing them support you, and I don’t need to seek them out… on your behalf. They can read this and come at me if they wanna.


      17. heck no. I’m not interested in your post. So hey, what are you high on Charly? What’s sailing yer boat?

      18. I´m high on cocaine, canabis, epiods, liquor, ……hold on trying to thing of more…..marijuana (hey Juana!!!) and amphetamines. Quite a coctail

      19. really? Coke too? Wow, so yer flying.
        I’m done talking to you Charly. I wish you all the best. I wish better for you. I wish you loved yourself.

      20. You are self admittedly high on cocaine and booze etc. and you’re calling me dumb for asking you to unfollow my blog. ok.

      21. You’re wearing yourself down. Or you already wore down.
        You need to take care of yourself better. Stop getting high and drunk Charly. Being 36 years old still feels young… but if you live past 40 yer gonna regret your choices. It’s pretty easy to eat right and stop doing drugs. Stop being mean. Stop acting like a single mom is your shield for blame and or protection.
        Take some simple steps. QUIT getting high. Stop being numb.
        Be honest for a chance.
        Don’t use violence or flirtation to get you by… it won’t last Charly. You are not charming.
        But I think you finally passed out tonite so you will reply later…
        When you wake to this, don’t be mad. Go get some nutrition. Eat some fruit and nuts and lettuce for GOD’S sake. DRINK WATER. Stop getting HIGH and Drunk.
        And tell me what you think is beautiful. Not me. Not to flirt and distract from the point.
        In life write what you think is worth it.
        Write about what you love.
        Don’t try to convince me.
        Do it because you want to, for YOU.

      22. And BE VERY CAREFUL Charly. You are SOOOO easy to kick around. Take care of yourself now. Don’t lend yourself to my boots.

      23. I’m not gonna read your silly link. You aren’t bored by me. You are at best tittilated.

      24. No you aren’t horny because of me. You flirt when you are losing against a woman. It’s another default of yours.
        Stop being a bitch.

      25. No you’re a bitch. You have nothing to do with witches. No dark or light ones. You are not a witch. I promise you that. You got no skill for it.

      26. No, I am known as “skinny neck” it’s one of my gravatar photos, you dumb ass. My neck is readily visible to them that tries to see me on my blog.

      27. dum ass…first my ass is very Little but sexy and second how can the ass be dumb? Maybe my brain, but not a assssss,
        You still want to marry me in Hawái?

      28. You are like my exgirlfriend, at least not that all that crazy I give you that. You still haven´t pulled a knife on my like my ex so you are doing pretty good then. But similar narcissistic entitlement sociopatic tendencies you do got like her. I did try to do what you said “unfollow you” Happy? Since I followed you all day right? Reading your blog every day right? Give me a brake. I follow thousands of people and probably really read 50 of them. So stop with your bullshit. You really are sounding crazy, and when I say I´m drunk and high it´s a joke in case you didn´t get my humour or use it to attack me better said. You might be a bit nuts but not dumb. As I said, talk to the WordPress girls and guys that know me some, they will call out your bullshit.
        This is the battle of WordPress! Happy now?

      29. You are not thinking with your brain. You are not sexy. Brains are sexy. Assholes like you are unsexy.
        If you had a brain, your asshole might be sexy. But you are a mean drunk so you are dying.

      30. Charly, I’m not in need of your links. I just wanted you to stop following my blog. You are drunk and high. You are mean and drunk. The women that “follow” you need to know this about you so they can make the right choices. Thanks for spilling.

      31. 🙂 The women know that I bullshit a lot and to not take me seriously. It seems it is not your thing, I would unfollow you as you like to say over and over again but being the dummy I am I don´t know if I have to go to the whole list of people I follow and then try to find you and hit unfollow. That tells you all, how much I follow you….. and you keep on comming

      32. Um… you were following me and then your avatar disappeared… so I thought you finally unfollowed me. Then in my current emails, it said you followed my Atlas again.
        What I want you to know, is that I’m not going to allow you to comment on my blogs. It would be like allowing a dog to crap on my lawn. And no, I don’t remind you of any ex-girl friend you ever had because I would never be dumb enough to date a creep like you. So basically you are having another wet dream. Best of luck Charly.
        Don’t worry about unfollowing me. I will remove you if you ever show up on my turf again.
        The real women who tolerate you, will learn by and by that you are not worth their time.
        I assure you.

      33. I repeat, In my latest email, you re-followed me. I have asked you not to.
        But if and whenever you do again, I will remove you accordingly.
        You aren’t funny. You aren’t sober. You have admitted you follow anyone and everybody and could care less. You are admitting you are not worth a reasonable woman’s time. You are admitting you use women. You put them down when they don’t please you and you still think they are defending you. I don’t have to ask any of them how you are really like. They are simply NOT present to defend you. And you come across plain as day Charly.
        So, ALL I ask of you is to not follow or refollow me. I don’t care if you were never interested in anything other than a fight. You are BOO HOO woe is me Charly. You are sexist and racist. And you know it. You champion that. So go ahead and do your thing. But DO NOT follow any of my blogs again. It’s very very simple. Stay away from my turf. YOU are not invited.

      34. Jeeeeesu, I didn´t even read your comment. O.K, whatever you said in this comment, you think I´m wasting my time to read you crazy when I have real normal people commenting about my writing? Get out of heeeeeer, dummy

      35. O.K…… Now that I´m bored and you are pissing me off, I use women you said? How? Did I ever read you? Tell me when since I do have the statistics and I haven´t read you in nothing, I follow a lot of people that they do follow me so that may maybe your not so problema since I do NOT READ YOUR BLOG!!!! I´m not as cultured as you as to the follow unfollow thing, I thought I put unfullow, but you keep on comming on me, sorry you throw the women card too much, after if I don´t ignore you then you keep on comming with your comments, who is the troll? You thinking about throwing me off the WordPress ? Think again, once I know that you are a person that only wants to does damage, you are done, keep it going

      36. Hey Charly, that’s totally cool you don’t read my blog. What I have been asking of you, is to unfollow me. Being that you follow a whole bunch of blogs you are not actually interested in and only troll and or fish for likes and followers, please don’t follow me again.
        I am not interested in you either. So thank you for hitting the “unfollow” button. I appreciate it.
        There is no need to reply to my comment. I think we are clearly making sure of one another online… and that we don’t like each other at all. And it’s okay.

      37. So, you said you unfollowed me and now you also say you are following me?
        You say I’m a weirdo and not normal and crazy… (sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me.)
        So far I am unconvinced of your version of “normal.”
        I was looking over my follows, Charly… like I told you before… And I wanted you gone. I read some of your recent posts, to make sure it was you, and I wanted you gone.
        I asked you what you think is beautiful because of the title of your post. You never could answer that.
        And you flirted when you had no other way to relate to a woman.
        You use women. You insult them and when called out on it, you say you’re just being funny. You ask women to defend you. You even tried to act like yer rich mama could bail you out just for having one.
        But so…when we first wrote comments to one another, you were crying about being called racist because you were hating on Muslims. You had your personal experience… and it sucked. But you decided to go against all of them…
        You get drunk and you said so.
        You get mean and you said so.
        So, no… we can’t look one another eye to eye. This is online wordpress mamby pamby.
        But I assure you Charly… you are boo hoo woe is me BULL shit.
        And you got no salt.
        You are a sheep and a pawn… serving in the army with no real opinions of your own.
        And no woman should feel sorry for you.
        But go ahead, ask them to view your links and take me to task. I welcome it.

        Thank you for stopping following me. Just make sure you don’t follow me. And you’ll get by well enough.

        And I am married Charly, so don’t think flirting with me was anything but disrespectful.

      38. Are you a guy? Don´t know don´t care, bitch…sorry about that one, yes I use women and whatever else you say. Your comment was quite lengthy, maybe you should start putting you enrgy in something more productive.
        PS- I didn´t read your whole……actually read two sentences.
        You want me to destroy you? You got to that point and that point is no return, you keep on BITCH

      39. “you want me to destroy you?”
        What a sham you are.
        Yeah, go ahead Charly. Try and destroy me.
        What you really mean, is that YOU feel destroyed. You feel crappy. You want to take that out on me.
        So ok. Have at it. “destroy me”
        do your best.
        Take your best shot.
        Act out.
        Be boo hoo hoo crybaby Charly.

      40. To be clear, to make it simple for you, to break it down,
        YOU insult women (and call it joking) and yet YOU try to use them to help you, to defend you. You wait for them to defend you after you have only used them in jokes and insults.
        So do NOT follow my blogs.
        Why should women feel empathy for you? Please do not reply. It’s a rhetorical question.
        Get SOBER.

      41. Yep, you know me for sure. I´ll actually call you, YOU a bitch. Not other normal people, but keep up with your harrasment which really is what it is. Keep it going since you don´t know you idiot where is going.
        Hopefully this woman contacts you, I gave her the link. She is a trained persone in the matters that you talk about. See ya.
        No comment for you another time, this is the last one you nut case, case int the nut?

      42. Um, the woman you wanted to contact me on your behalf has not done so. As for “normal” people online and whatever you are qualifying that with, LOL, asshole.
        You insulted women and girls in your posts. I did respond to that. And when you went against Muslims way back when, because a few had robbed you… and so you lost your apartment, I did call you out as racist. It’s true.
        You want women to defend you in your comment section even tho you put them down as if they can’t throw… and you want them to take it as a joke. Good old Charly is just a joker…
        BUT I am asking you to unfollow me. You say you did. I believe you. Technology on WordPress isn’t great so it may not have reflected your actions. Thank you for unfollowing me.
        Good luck.

      43. Hold on, thank you for constantly commenting on my blog, I pay 3333$ dollars for idiots like you, just keep on comming, come-ing. You´re quite pathetic actually, do you have a real life?

      44. The time will come for me? Not quick? But easy?
        You are so funny when you’re drunk and feeling “deep.”
        Charly… agree to part ways. Shake hands even when you feel sour. Thank you for unfollowing me when I asked you to.
        Thank you for being as uninterested in me as I am uninterested in you!
        And please feel free to find poetic inspiration however you may, in our exchange. No hard feelings on my part. I think you are a crappy writer at best, but I take your offense-inspiration as a compliment. LOL! You wrote poems… about me. 🙂
        You’re too sloppy to be cute but it was funny what you did. I thank you for the laughs.
        But I DO caution any army to welcome you among their troops.

      45. Your comments to me make less and less sense as time goes by. How about, you stop boasting about your buddies who are not defending your honor to me? Just don’t worry about it. Even if they contacted me by now, I wouldn’t give a shit. I never did.
        I asked you to unfollow me. Thanks for doing that.
        End of discussion.

      46. I don’t “insinuate” about people. I read ’em plain and simple.
        You are a drunk. You don’t get to cry behind yer mama’s skirt now. You put women down. You don’t respect them. And you are boo hoo cry baby Charly like you are due sumpin’.
        Like you are owed sumpin’.
        But yer not.
        You aren’t owe.
        You didn’t “serve” and you don’t know “sacrifice” even if yer poor mama did having you.
        You are a man who thinks it’s okay to beat up people. You went to jail for that.
        You don’t like Muslims. You said so way back when.
        You are a racist, you never fought for unity,
        and your posts speak of misogyny so stop using your poor mother to defend your B.S.
        Or maybe you’re only a guy a mom could love. So be nice to your poor mom.
        You finally unfollowed me. Thank you. So the fuck what if you failed to read my work? That’s on you.
        You are a drunk.
        stop drinking.

      47. Yep a drunk…. that has made more accomplishies with his life than you ever Will, why am a drunk by the way, say heeeey? Because I write about it, you ever saw the ” tags” that said ” creative writing”, just a question……..and I actually think this is your romantic relationship with a foreigner, I´m from Spain! The land of the wild Bulls!;)
        O.k lets keep responding to your beautiful comments

      48. Um… beg to differ. Yeah, people are as dumb as I think more often than not. I’m a really good judge of character even if I’m merciful.

      49. Forgot, don´t read all your words, my mom is not poor! She is a millionaire and for you she would be scary with a punk ass like you.
        Is that what you wanted to hear? It really is getting boring, so a drunk a … forgot OCF ( Obssesive Compulsive Flirt) and you also forgot…..o.k, I was just thinking for half a second, you forgot to call me women beater or something that goes in your mind to that effect.

      50. No, your mom is not scary to me. So how come if she is a millionaire she allowed your ass to be homeless?
        What did you do that made your mom stop supporting you fool?

      51. actually, I have something more to say…
        You ego is blocking you.
        You say you want to learn. that you never unfollow blogs. But now you hear me finally. and you must evade the topics of our past conversations when you were a sexist racist dick.
        Welcome that side of yourself and stop crying about what hell you went thru in war. You are shitty to the “ladies” or else I am not calling you out. You are a killer because you have said so. You justified bar fights. You justify getting drunk. When what you really need is help and recovery.
        You need to stop flirting on line and actually quit drinking and deal with your post traumatic stress. Stop blaming people for not being what you want. We all live in the same world.
        The ARMY has been abused and misused in every land on earth. That doesn’t grant you permission to go off on us.

      52. Your default is to say people are obsessed with you when they are asking you to “unfollow” them and calling out your bullshit. Thanks for finally unfollowing me. That’s a good first step.

      53. Awww, you’re a sweetheart for liking my comments. Does that boost your thread? Do your own “likes” make your blog seem more sympathetic?
        You are evading the question. What do you actually find beautiful when you aren’t totally jealous.
        But so be it.

      54. Out, you bore me…..but…..keep on, you made my point for me. Who is the troll? But you keep on…. keep on….keep on…. my mouth is open since you´re making me fall to sleep,
        Love ya, you can´t play me. You just with all those comments revealed yourself.
        Have a Good one.
        See ya, your not an innovator but a false pretendator, love ya, love ya,, peace and love, love and peace, keep up with your high moral standards, love ya, and you´ll keep on going I bet that. Sorry for you really.

      55. I don’t “bore” you. I asked you to stop following my blog. I read a few of your newest posts to make sure it was you that i’d met years ago, before I called you out on your sexist bullshit.
        Stop drinking Charly. That’d be a good next step for you.
        Feel sorry for me, ok. Do that. Cool beans. But mostly you know you only feel sorry for you. And that’s not working for you.
        Again, thank you for finally unfollowing me. I appreciate it.

      56. I don´t follow your blog, I might hit the signs ” follow” but I don´t read you. There is quite bit of distinction. I knew you where comming back at me, no worries. It´s in your DNA, I understand it.

      57. Yeah, you did, you followed me. You were on my wordpress follow list and no, you can’t read it because I have several other blogs that I moved on to and I don’t post on the Atlas anymore. So of course you can’t read it.
        You don’t know what DNA is Charly. You’re just a dummy.

      58. I know U do. And yet you are so inebriated, you can’t see the forest for the trees.

    1. And you keep on, you want to know where I live too? Ask the Spanish National Police for my name, they know me. You idiot, you are really a troll, but you keep on , you´ll never win.

    1. What? Calling me an idiot?….. o.k, I could remove your comment but why not publush it? Punk ass bitch- Are you really Scarlett Johanseen? Give it a thought……………..

      1. It seems like you are fighting with others, but it was not your fault. Scarlett Johansen is mentally retarded, and I agree with your auspicious words!!🤪🤪 I am with you..

      2. I don´t want to fight with others, you see in my blog or any other comment that I want to fight? The answer is no, just a fact. But if idiots call me whatever…. actually it doesn´t affect me. I know who I am, and what I´m capable of, you talk about fighting? You loose with me, you talk about idiotic comments… I´ll go with the flow and you won´t know. Easily I can destroy that person, that is why I don´t want fights, I know what true fights are, again, army and two times deployed and saw it did it and the rest, so for me and now living in this town having to deal with….nobody, they respect me for the obvious reason they know I and my Friends Will and can destroy them.
        This all came about this nutcase women, now more people and now…. it´s internet, what the hell are these idiots thinking? Just meet me, see how retarded I am as this Indian idiot said and see how well it goes for you. For every action(in their part, specially calling me names) there Will be a reaction.
        Not more to it.

      3. That’s a great response. I know how capable you are but you don’t want to showcase your skills to them. They don’t even understand sarcasm. I wish they would have brains. By the way, I really like your writing. Specially this post…

      4. Appreciate your comment and thankfully you did get my sarcasm. I do say in the about page that I have a weird sense of humour and is the fault…… of my time in the army!
        Again appreciate your comment and much regards to you too.

      5. You are welcome. I have a PHD and have also done masters in sarcasm, so I recognise it very well. Actually, that women who lost her wits, was actually an Indian.
        Warm regards with a cup of coffee,

      1. Ignore these people Charly… They are mentally retarded. If we meddle with them, it is going to spoil your mood. By the way, you are a great writer… I really loved this post. By the way, I wrote a post about you and me. Check it out and drop a comment if you want to……

  2. You know what charly I really don’t want to fight people like you it is very boring and by the way you cannot insult Indians cause India is a country rich of cultures and traditions and if you want to look at all of them please come in India and take a tour you will enjoy and as well as regret

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