spanish army

Lets make it quick,
watching too much of military videos,
it seems for once spanish televison does portray our soldiers,
watching earlier on our speciall forges guy, or Green barettes in english.
I was in the Spanish Legion, and at the time was my religion,
we worked with our special forces guys, and to be honest…. I hate to jump out off planes,
scubbbbba….. something diving, but they do. We worked as a support force for them.
Lot of training, now I´m going back…fuck that. Love ya. Read you latter you animator.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. You are an inspiration to me, too as a person. Remember in February, I called you a genius, well you’re also a disco minded, loose shirt, motorcycle hero, and I wish you the best, funkiest life ahead. A heavenly woman walks your way soon. Look at me, I sound like a tarrot reader. Sorry about it. 😬

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