drunk at 5.a.m thoughts

You women are caaaazy!
Let´s begin and make it short to the point.
I´ll put an example, my mother. She goes nuts on me
when I talk with her, funny thing is that if I don´t call her
every fucking day she calls me asking if I´m alright, good, she cares about me.
Didn´t hear from her while in the army and deployed, or homeless later,
so I reassure her I´m good. Even though I´m not.

Take my father, no showing emotions I can see, he did help me and still does in his own way
but he certainly doesn´t expect from me to hear my voice on the phone every day.
Pisses him off.
Yet he was there in my tough situations not my mother.
Are aliens
A matter of protest

Sentiments, bullshits, take that to women in general(general)
that I have been with…….that was more than one point to end.

Still love ya ladideeeeeeeeeeeeees!

P.S. Sorry, not drunk, but had to put a crazy title.
Read ya latter you innovator.


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