Boys will be Boys…..At least the guy made me smile on a hard day,
so appreciate it. Now that we live in a world that each word means
your health, stop the bullshit and have some fun.

Nowhere, Nevada

While it may seem like I’m in deep contemplation, it’s also possible I’m simply thinking about ‘boobs.’

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    1. Yes, I can see that you actually put a dark heart… have to show me how to put on those emotis (emotics’)
      So…. wasssap with bobos then? I like them, I´m a men, you are a female so you probably like 😉 ………a charmer!

      1. Emojis are easy to find on your phone or tablet keyboard 👍 The dark heart seems to follow me about – in real and written life!
        Anything else is just one of life’s little mysteries 😉🖤

      2. It easy for you, not for neandertal for me…….did you really put a “hands up” emoji? Why wirite or talk then, we might as well express through emojis

      3. Obsessive Compulsive Flirt!! Now that did make me chuckle!
        But any efforts to flirt are lost on me I’m afraid…
        My heart is destined to remain dark for sometime 🖤

      4. Nope, dope, you have a dark heart i have a pink one so I cn change you.
        Former president Obama´s line was ” hope and change” It went well the change.

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