out of my chest

The battle of WordPress! I think this is the second time or maybe third time
that a person has gone off the wall with me, and about what? I wrote the piece
about life is beautiful! I did call her a bitch though. Sorry is that as bad as her
talking about my military service and calling me a killer? Later on after my response
then I was a troll, then later on…later on…later on… she send me I don´t know how
many comments, not nice ones obviously so who is the troll? Who are you to call me a killer?
As I said in one comment to her, If you weere a guy next facing me I will fuck you up.
Don´t test “the grandious Charly the great” 😉 bullshitting with this last line.
Probably that is why she got so emotional, but I will call her bitch since I call guys bitch
it can be a term of endearment or a term of insult, latter for this woman
O, later she accuses me that I use women followers as a shield, so my response is that go
talk to them, last thing I need to hear from a person….and on and on and on.
So I decided to be transparent and
show her comments in the other post and expose you. Not in my nature really. But really,
do not mess with my integrety or try to do backflips with false accusations.
That I will not tolerate, so if you want to see her comments there is the link, and a link to
her page also, just exposing her and I believe I did it with a HIM, so don´t play that
sexist card with me. You don´t have arguments you are pissed off so go and rant off to…


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