the bitch group

Had to insert this by a great artista called Michael,
if I had his link I would put it. I´ll see his art later on so I will put his link.
Not only for females but I quite often call guys bitches,
probably not a good word but I grew up using it, so,
lets be honest in my beeee the hest. I´m sarcastic,
not yet all that static even though my body is fucked but I do a practic.
I should use less curse language? No, it is how I make a point more point.
Yet I´m also smarter than that, just testing you people.
Bitches end up in ditches!
I´m talking about my new roomate
which I did say 3 times to back down and two meters out of me, he didn´t,
so I did end it with quite some grit.
I did really say this? Seems so, so on we go.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. All three….. actually we had a meeting and we got to a truce. As always thank´s for Reading and this witty comment, and all you read and comment. I really appreciate it.

      1. I was paid by the Spanaish Spain to fight against islamist terrorist that we here called the marrocans, actually some other not so nice names. And now I live in a town full of them, so talk about borders. And they are not here working I can tell you that.

      2. If I ge into the American mentality set, yes you are the rule makers. Yoouuuuuu! Chose a dictator to send us to war…. kidding with that one ,)
        No, I joined the Spanish Legión because I was bored of all my civilian Jobs, and they where aaaaaalot, just got bored so the story goes that after leaving my job as a bartender I was walking back home and saw a carvan that said ” Ejercito Español”, I talked with those recruiters, the next day I went what we call here “La delegación de defensa”, I do remember it was a very but very cute seargent from the airforce, and I just asked her after she gave me her reasons why to join….what unit was going to be deployed. Point blank. I did my research before so I knew and when she said the Spanish Legión, I went and signed for the toughest one of four, so out I went and experience the time of my life, good and bad, specially being deployed but that is what I wanted, and the second time I wanted it also for the money and for the other craaaaazys that hadn´t experience it, just take care of them in my not so subtle way at that time that is, I was in charge of 4 guys, those where my guys, so no, you are right, you are not the rule makers, every so called kid was there because they wanted combat, I saw it in Irak, but the next ones didn´t see combat this time in Afghanistan, neither did I, but I did figure that if I was able to deal with the first one I could deal with that other one and take care of them and they would take care care of me, which they did. I already wrote some of the crazy things of that deployment, some, so no me and specially me seargent where the rule makers. No western civilians I saw there.

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