Sorry mom?

Look at that beauty! seeeeeexy!
I told you yesterday,
I was going over to your new house and help with packing-unpacking,
You called me at 6 a.m.
I don´t sleep like a man,
neither do you by th way
but you know my mental hay is in strange bay.
Not so much it seems
since I have been telling you I´m going to many times and then…lost in the mental hay
So, I can´t be all that sorry, but yet I am sorry for not following up with my Word.
I have things to do in my life to survive and overcome.
The great poetry is done.
Love you, I´ll try to be there tomorrow, who the fuck am I talking to? She doesn´t read this

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Sorry, mistake in spelling but it is WordPress that took out the “proofreader”, I wrote Laruare…..Kind of a good name thinking about it now, not really, sorry Laura the dreeeemer! Take car you and David, and keep on reading my nutty things, that is a job

    1. I´m with her right now, she´s watching the televisión, it´s like Opra but in Spanish mode. Which is actually worst. I sneek out and get into to her computer, but I am here not like the other days that I said to her I was going, and then…..stuck in my rent room. i did do not normal Jobs to get the money and go to see her, she knows me, love her to death, Good thing is that she doesn´t read my shit, she´s actually napping after a day of packing -unpacking, I did tell her to keep it easy, but as she is……Jeeeeesus, I had to restrain her for too much packing the unpacking, fucking work horse this woman, love her though
      Have a great day

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