The man the myth the legend

Made it! is 312 words. More to the story obviously.
The only person in my family after I graduated from basic military training that was there…Dad.
My mother at a young age told me, school or work? Me- neither I´m too cool. So got kicked out.
Today, my mother calls me, ” Why don´t you come by the new house, we did this and that”,
Me-No money for transport.
30 minutes later I get a call that it is the only phone I don´t write down, It´s just kept in the head,
father, I´ll send you 20$. I go out and wait and wait, 1 hour later he calls me and tells me the
bank cashier is not working. So I figured, so lets get back to the shitty room and write with no
smokes and I had been without food for 5 days, which obviously I didn´t tell them, so I´m slim ladeeeeys!
He also tells me that he will get it to me when he calls. I´m thinking it´s imposible.
15 minutes later father says ” it´s done” No more words, that´s it. It is done. He transfered 20$.
Mom did raised me, she wants to talk most every day, she does have her limits obviously.
Dad? He does not want to talk, not with me nor anybody un-important, meaning that something that he gets
something out of it, intellecually most of the time, (most) only when it is important.
And I got to believe I´m important for the man,but no bullshit crying nor showing weakness, but
how in his tough mind can sort of relate to me? is beyond me.
No crying, the MAN, give you his word and he will make it happen whatever it takes.
I learned that in the army.
Just only 20$ for the son to go see mom( that´s was the key really).
That is the man,the myth, the legend.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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