4:31 a.m thought about 9/11

I was in New York, not in the city though.
I remember all the confussion and the rest,
so if I forget my own birthday, forget about this day,
wich is more than my shit face birthday,
but i did see two friends go into the U.S Marines, Infantry,
that won´t bring back the dead, but why do you think I love your country?
Think what you think, it´s a mix, but God love the U.S.
Compare it to Spain?….na

Stay Frosty and really Frosty (those who knows the real meaning) gents and gentesses.


  1. So when is your b’day? 9/11. My “shit face” b’day is 9/12.
    On the actual 9/11 day, all my staff and I did is deal with terrified people.
    My birthday will always be, the day after that day, as insignificant as it should be.
    Happy insignificant birthday Charly.

    1. How did you take this Cindy? I see a bit of hatred from your part. I was there, I saw the kids and I was a kid also but they lost familly directly and those who didn´t loose familly directly knew some that lost it, I should add that since Afghanistan was the war I joined what? Spanish Legión only reason to fight the nutcases and I did, so what is your problem now Cindy, ever did something ” in the front lines” da ba du ba du, not excpecting from most people but I did find your comment a bit offensive. I was just paying tribute to 9. 11, do I try to put a bit off ” don´t take me to serious” obviously, but I know what I know in my heart that day, so what is wrong with you¿ Follow unfollow, I was going to say a bad word but in this life now, I have worst problems to deal with. You just take I suggest the unimportant phrases and stick with them.

    2. Actually I was just re Reading this post, only because I saw that another person read this and liked it, so now forget about my las comment that I was nice. You dumb piece of….na, not worth it. You are done in my great world of WordPress. I have too much respect for you, and whatever insults you throw…. I just can´t with you. With others is another story.

  2. Thank you for your kindness, Charly. I was born and raised in NYC, so 9/11 was personal for me. But you deserve to celebrate your birthday, despite that! I wish you much, much happiness. ❤

    1. Hello there, sorry for the late reply. Just came back from celebrating the birthday (In a healthy way).
      Born and raised there? Beautiful city and what a tregedy. I still remember exactly where I was, in the dorm taking a shower when I heard the other kids in the “t.v room” yell, “did you see that!” repeatedly, I went out and then saw the second one hit. Incredible, I do remember also people trying to call but all the lines phone lines where saturated. It was just a tragedy and for us there also a lot of confussion.

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