loked out of the house

Funny story. Yesterday I was so emotional that after being in the blog world
I decided at 10 a.m to go to the bank. I was emotional since I still
had money. So go to the bank, collect money, return home…..I left the keys
inside. Second thought after I cursed everything that came to mind, I cursed again
since my I-phone 25 is also inside. In the street I´m left. Sitting in the park,
at this point drinking myself to death and I see my “friend” the drug dealer. One of them
that is. He asks me,
what the fuck am I doing, I tell him and I tell him to call the other guy that lives in
this house. Got the picture? We all know each other, drug dealers and criminals living
with me. So the drug dealer calls this guy, and he says that until 5 p.m he is not
returning. The whole fucking day walking around this shit town, with this guys
with the other guys, with this girls with the other girls. And it seems here there are
no “safe places”. You got to be on your tows. Finally after talking bullshit all day
I return home and ring the bell, holy! My cool criminal buddy is in the house. He opens
the door, laughs, I´m about to kill him at this point, I enter, I go to sleep.
That was my day, how about yours?

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