4.37 a.m racist thought

I can´t fucking sleep. So here goes the thought quickly.
People say they are not racist, I am. Or semi recist.
I live in a town full of Marrocans and today I decided to push it,
so I know that being around this kids or 15 years old is not a good idea.
I get more respect from the older guys, the funny thing for me is to watch them.
See how they behave, not good by the way, but they think they are tough.
I got smaked in the face from a 15 year old piece of shit. My thinking…
Just let them, I have been what this kid has not been in, I also thought that
the kids days(the kid that will stab you) I can terminate them. Period.
But then I re-thought, little piece of shit, you been in real combat army? No.
You think you are tough? Let you think that. If it comes I can kill you, but for
what then…. get me in prison again, no. Plus hopefully tomorrow I´ll go see mom,
and help her with her new house, basically is me saying ” You want this t.v here or there?”
All day, then I will go out, not drunk that is for sure and hook up with a girl.
If not drunk.
Point being…..I´m a racist twoards this marrocans criminals, yet again I´m semi recist
since most of them they know what I can do and have that respect, but the 15 year kid…
Let him to see. Vengange it is better served in cold plate….na, not with these kids.
But sooner or later, I guess sooner, he will get fucked up. Not from me for sure,
I don´t even have to plot to fuck up this kid, he does, I´m 37 going on 17 but he does jus don´t know these fucking piece of shit little criminals marrocanscI know your father dumb shit, I just go by and talk with him or I can call my buddies from the army and take care of you, just for my pleasuere,
I did say that vengance Will be served in a cold plate. Easy, just wait live your life and then fuck him up, a 15 year old criminal idiot, in the mean time got
better things to do, I do write badly Charly narly.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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