mom in the hospital…again

Probably why I didn´t feel to even get out of bed, like a bitch I am.
Thinking about me….Jesus, what has happened to me? I wasn´t like that before.
My mother had cáncer less than a year ago, and now back to the hospital
for..I don´t know. I´ll see tomorrow since it´s when I´m able to see her.
There is no buses to that hospital, I don´t have money for a taxi, I don´t
have a charger for my phone so I constantly have to borrow one or just turn it
off so I don´t burn the battery.Again, talking about me.
This is not looking good for her, I should have gone to see her weeks ago and
didn´t. Now is all regrets. I did talk to her today and the first thing she said
was that if I was going to go to see her to be “presentable”,forget that she
is in really bad shape and not to say she´s maybe dying. She is thinking of me,
and to not embarass her since this is a five star hospital. Strong women?
You don´t know what strong is until you meet my mother. And then my father,
with all he has in his plate….fuck.


    1. Tomorrow morning I got a ride finally. And what kind of son would I be if I wasn´t there for her in maybe her last days? I couldn´t forgive myself. I´m used to be the one almost dying in different situations and never feeling sorry for me, I also (army days) would not care, it was my job, this is not a job. I cry like a bitch, so I better get myself together tomorrow and make her laugh.
      Apreciate the comment GP

    2. I was just re-reading the post, maybe you were talking about when mother said to me ” only come if you are presentable”, those were the actual words. No drinking, cut the bullshit Charly this is serious mater, very serious. Just a 11.23 a.m thought to someone I really don´t know. Go figure this, better keep it together until tomorrow.
      Sorry for writing you again, I know you not are a Priest, but in my mind I feel better and curiously is not for being lonely, people came today and I throw them out. Easier for me to write it not talk it. Me and me again….
      As the Americans say, see you on the flip side (who knows)

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