My poetry book published and the great story behind it

“Uncommon poems for the common people”
“From a self-anoited poet”

The beautiful story behind it. I myself didn´t even know that it was in Amazon!
It is all thanks to Yvette, And since her comments go to
Spam(have to check what´s wrong with that) in my blog she couldn´t get hold of me
to tell me about it. It was sheer luck that I saw her comment on another blog
so I commented to her on that other blog. Me, the dummy, read something about
the book is in amazon. I had no idea what she was talking about. I did send her
the book a long time ago, maybe a year or so. She edited it and send it back to
me (all through email obviously) so I could make some changes. And me…slaking off,
didn´t do anything. I forgot about the damn book, not kidding. I completely forgot
about it. So when she commented in the other blog that the book was on amazon, it
didn´t register that she was talking about that book I sent her.

I say it´s a beautiful story not from my part. Yvette is the true beautiful story, a
beautiful person. She not only edited,put it together with a very nice cover that I
sincerely like very much, hanged it on amazon and all from her own sweat and money
spend on me. I guess she obviously knows that I have no idea about this things, I have
no idea how to put a book on amazon or any other place for that matter. She knows I´m broke,
I have no idea how much she spend on the cover I don´t know how to make covers and if
she didn´t how much did it cost her and really put the whole book together
and hang it on amazon cost her?
I´m just amazed. What a person…. how many people do selflessly do that? Extremely few.
She is truly a blessing. Just a beautiful human being, a screw up like me….and she took
the time, effort, money, to do all that? It´s hard for me to comprehend. I´m just amazed
not only for this poetry book in amazon but more amazed about the story behind it and
more grateful for the story behind it,(I know is not going to sell nothing the book)
gratefull for Yvette that she would do that for me, a person that she has never met face to face.
And today back to the hospital to see my mother, and since she has been for a long time telling
me to publish something, like Yvette, when I tell her about
the book it is going to lift her spirits up and all thanks to Yvette.


  1. I am so glad you and Prior were able to get together. I wish you the all the best with your book, my friend. I have it on my wish-list with my supplier.
    Have a great week, Priest!

    1. Thank you very much Frances. Yes, mom was ecstatic, word for word ” I thought I would die without never physically touching one of your books”. The cancer she has only 64 thousand women in the U.S has it, it´s quite bad really, I say only 64 thousand since there are millions of people with other type of cancers. After all the research I’ve done I’ve become an expert. It is quite draining to be the caretaker, but hey! She raised me by her own literally, so now is my time to take care of her. 9 days in hospital, and now going on 10 days in her new apartment doing everything, the cleaning, watching she takes her meds on time, going to the supermarket with the list she gives me to buy(and I’m more lost in the supermarket than I was in the army in foreign cool foreign vacationing nut places of lands), and always the worry of course, since she is going to start a new treatment this Wednesday which is officially approved by the FDA in the U.S but not here in Europe. So they are using her as a test, it has worked quite well for quite a percentage of women there in the U.S, and she has a great team of doctors, once I knew the head doctor went to Harvard medical school a gave a sight of relief. This guy is good. She’s and good hands so we, me and my father are hopeful. But yes, it is draining to be a caretaker. I actually shut off my phone so people don’t call me constantly to go here and there. Nope, have to. What kind of man would I be if I went back to drinking and left my mother? A Coward, I couldn’t live with myself. Plus I do make her laugh, and that what she needs also, laughter. She doesn’t want to see most of her close friends since they start asking her if she lost a lot of weight, if she is hurting here or there. I was thinking to myself, who in the world asks that? Just tell the ill person a joke, try to make life as normal as possible and please don’t cry. The other day, since she doesn’t want to talk with friends and don’t want to see them because she feels self-conscious about how weak she is and the lost of weight I’m in charge of getting her calls and always the same line comes out of my mouth, she is resting. Out.
      Sorry for the long comment, seems I too had to vent. Thanks for asking about her.

      1. You are a good son and just in case you haven’t told yourself recently, you’re doing a great job! Hope is all we really have and that is definitely hopeful news! A new treatment, a skilled doctor all very positive. Yes it is very draining, find a bit of energy to take care of yourself too. Keep making her laugh ❤ You can also vent to my email address if you need to.

      2. Appreciate the comment very much Frances, but I won’t burden you through email. Plus I have to put the real possibility of death in the back of my head, if not I couldn’t function. So just keep on writing my nutty things, reading, taking care of her and the rest. Try to keep as normal life as one can, and there are no cry babies in my family, it´s frowned upon. And I like that.
        Love ya, you too take care.

      3. There is some comfort in clinging to whatever our normal is during intense emotional times. Sending you and your mom light and positivity for the start of her new treatment ❤

    1. ha ha, Robby will be rooting for me. I would need God there included for him to make a miracle so I can pay rent and just live out of this writing thing.
      Appreciate the comment very much.

    1. I went to his blog, I like the book he talks about Faith, hopefully the credit card is in. This things only happen to me….no credit card.
      I have to read more of his blog with time. And again, thank you and thank you to Kevin, part of his review was that the preface was made in a poetry form. I hoped someone would take notice of it and thought it was different.

      1. Yeah – I liked how kelvin pointed that out too – and I love how he piggybacked on the comment about your poetry not being Shakespeare and then how he has recited soliloquies – it was a clever personal share connecting to your words.
        I also like how he listed his favorite poems of yours – and mentioned the word raw.
        The genuine sand bare rawness in what you say

      2. Yvette, clever he is. What could I expect from a person like you that would hang out with dummies? No. I am raw, and dumb, yet again when I want to. Sayin this in public, so that should be dumb-raw.
        Love ya

      3. no self- defaming – never call yourself dumb – okay – even in a light hearted way – let’s use words that are positive – always – realistic and true – but not put down words like that – ok

    1. Thank you for asking. The real anwer is that I have no idea. It´s a long story, but I literally have no idea, no access to Amazon or who buys it and all those things to keep track. A long and weird story, I should write about that one also.

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