the waiter(flash fiction)

He sat at the poker table dressed in jeans and a red t-shirt surrounded by the elite
of New York dressed in dark suits. The “suits” looked at each other and laughed at
the disheveled new player.
The cards were passed. He won. He burned the cards and left the 50 grand
in one hundred dollar bills.The suits laughed but did find strange how in the world
the nutcase had entered.The next day the “suits” went to the bank, since they were
the presidents of those banks and each “suit” realized they had been robbed of one million
dollars totaling ten million. By that time there was a waiter in Boston counting the ten million.
Before the dishevel young men entered the poker room in that New York house,
he was their waiter who cleaned and with access to their wallets and all their information.
Being the computer geek he was, it wasn’t hard for him to access the bank computer system
with the directors personal information.
In the circle of thiefs they call him The Waiter.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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