U.S marines/Grateful-promotion

This post serves two purposes. I’ve written before
I had two friends that joined the USMC after 9/11. So I lean more towards that branch
of the U.S Military. So happy birthday 3 days earlier to the USMC which is on the 10th
of this month.

The second purpose it is to promote my first poetry book published, thanks to
Thursday Doors (& Poetry book by Charly Priest)
who edited it,classified the poems by category, made the cover, put it up on amazon,
she did everything really, without asking nothing in return. She’s an angel.
I also have to give thanks to what I think is the first person who bought it,
apart from my mother. I can also call this person who’s blog is fascinating history
a friend, a virtual one, but a friend. I’m a history buff myself and specially
about the U.S military so I have been following him and commenting for quite some
years I would say at this point. He made a review of my poetry book at the end
of what he posted today. I find what he writes about the military fascinating,
little details that you wouldn’t see in a documentary and about the famous “Smitty”.
So thank you a lot to GP for putting up a review on your post of my poetry book.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,


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