People constantly try to pick up things from my incredible brain
to gain,
wisdom of life
but can´t give them inspiration for them to strive….
But, a famous football coach famous for his speeches
said yesterday on t.v,
which I do see.
I thought about it, and tried to come up with a counter argument,
nothing came up to my incredible brain.
He captured the essence of life in that simple saying,
it comes down to good or bad choices you and only you make,
will take you through a good path or bad path for you to take
success is at stake.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. If you don’t make a choice you might as well not get up off bed. Even if you make a choice that turns out badly, you at least try and learn what not to do, you can tweek aspects of that choice. But you have to make a choice iin order to progress.

      1. I knew you had fooled me… evil yellow freaky cat, playing it dummy,
        aaaaaaaaa! ( that was my expression of a freaky yellow angry face that I don’t know how to put that weird emoji)

  1. I certainly can’t argue with your line that to “try to pick up things from my incredible brain” is a much better choice than from Trump’s “very stable genius.”.

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