The great electric car

The great electric car
are, the new star.
Great for the environment, you’ll definitely make a great
difference on the environment by buying this expensive car,
are, you going to then give it to the Billion plus Chinese
or Indians, or Spanish, or… that car is a softly whore!
I want this!
Hard charger, noisy polluting beast,
making me manly and with a girl next to me handy,
handy for power. The other day I was in the hospital…smoking outside.
I see this incredible car parked, I think, “damn Charly, let it start that
beast of car”, the guy does and….I hear nothing, electric and actually gave me,
a headache, after that I was so nervous I had to eat a stake plus a big cake,
for my cholesterol to go out to the polluting stratosphere
and die,
with my stomach singing let it be-by.
Jeeeesus, I get it, pollution is bad,
don’t torture me day in day out,
let me walk about.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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