Tiny house(pics)

I’m going interior designing here, quite the profession by the way. Only in the
U.S you got people like that, you rarely find them here in Spain since there is
no demand for them. This apartment was build probably in the early 20th hundreds,
a 1506,4 square feet, all the wood you’ll see is handmade by the previous owner.
This is the apartment of my mother and father which they just moved into from having lived
in a big house in the middle of the mountains.The wood you’ll see is all handmade by
the previous owner who passed away, it´s old… oooold school. We did get to the conclusion
after having met the daughters that this man was a bit paranoid. In total he had 3 boys
and 2 daughters and none of them speak to each other. Why he is paranoid, he has locks
on his bedroom and closets, we found later 3 safes, literally like in the banks…safes! 5 kids
running around or more likely outside since he was constantly putting up all that wood
so you can imagine, took him 20 years to put all this handmade wood, a real treasure actually,
not for the kids growing up so they are phischologicaly damaged
because of their father and his friends coming and going and a permanent remodeling,
so no wonder they hated him and the 5 siblings hate each other. It´s a small town, people
talk, so we know. Hit the tour!

See the door at the end of the hallway? There is all the cleaning house stuff. To your right
is the entrence door and to your left is thistiny kitchen,
I’m now temporarily living here since I’m the caretaker of mother “Rambo”, she has cancer, very week,
so if she raised me by her own what kind of man would I be if I wasn’t here taking care of her and
the freaking house, and going here and there for shopping food and different items, I would be a
disgrace a coward. Good thing to have a tiny kitchen just one step I reach the plates, another
step I reach the pans, another step the fridge, e.t.c. Problem though, I’m bruised constantly
from all the bumps I hit with the light hanging on top of that table, bumping into the table,
bumping into the fridge, I should get the nickname Charly “the bumper” Priest.
going down the hallways you go to the tiny
saloon! Full of my fathers books again all that
wood made from the old man who passed away.
Another view of the saloon. That’s my fathers place.
This is my mothers place….and her evil dog.
So there goes, pretty little apartment, I like the wood and what my mother added to it and how
she used the spaces, I sound like a little girl…. interior designer plus writer master I am.
And here is now living, alert ! alert ! The man, the myth, the legend- Charly Priest with his new
book on Amazon, you better buy it since I do have a bad back after rearranging all the furniture,
so you might help pay the doctors bills. Think of yourself´s as humanitarians.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. She did a great job with the house. Abut cancer… just have to take it one day at a time, make the best of the day. Appreciate the comment evil cat which I´ll send you the dog to eat you…probably she´ll just chew on you, no biggie 😉

    1. I really liked it too. But the previous owner had not only the doors handmade, but shelves, tables, chairs, all made by him. I and a friend spend days and days taking out the wooden shelves, and since it was built before Christ was born the screws where old school and the screwdriver we had did not fit in those old screws, we too almost 60 screws all by hand and both of us sweating bullets no…whatever is worst than sweating bullets. This man made his house his shrine. 60 screws! Probably more than that I stopped counting at 60 so you can imagine how many which I also stopped counting wooden shelves we took off. As I said, he spent 20 years building all that wood into the apartment, and all handmade and they sure didn’t have the electronic screw driver machine we have now, a piece of art and sweat to put all that together. And sweat for us taking I don’t even know how many wooden shelves, incredible really. But it looks much better without so many shelves. Mother is happy, that’s all that matters.

    1. Quite the history, and thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It´s my mother and fathers house, I’m living temporarily with them until she gets better(hopefully), I´m literally the care taker. But with this tiny house my mother with her great creative mind and knowledge about interior design (she never went to school for that) has made it a very cozy place to live in.

      1. I pray your mother will heal, and believe God can change her situation.
        Your mother has surely created a cozy place to live.
        Here in America the tiny house theme is the new craze.. they call themselves minimalists..

      2. My mother is more… she’s practical ! At almost 70 years, with the second cancer, she is very weak so why.live in that big house that she had to clean, and take care of the garden e.t.c. She bought this house in a good town, for a good price. It´s a lot of less work for her. Actually none since I’m the caretaker for now, hopefully for now. Minimalist… I hate tiny houses really so does my mother, she is just practical knowing her situation.

      3. I pray your Mom will be healed..
        It must be very difficult for you both.
        Have you researched CBD oil for cancer?
        My cousins mother in law takes it because she does not want to have the treatments that made her so sick in the past.. Maybe you could speak to your moms doctor about it..
        I am not sure if they allow it in your country or not..

      4. First off let me start thanking you for the comment.
        She is having a new ” test” program that has been approved by the FDA in the U.S but not here in Europe. She couldn´t be in better hand, talking about her team of doctors. Obviously, since it is not my case, if you can go to the private sector the better. This new drugs they put her on are molecules, and according hopefully to the U.S people who made the studies, this molecules will give her automunositem( sorry for the bad spelling from Spain)the molecules go in her system and is not chemiotherapy and supposedly those molecules with figh the cáncer. I´m actually quite positive about it, great medical staff and when father told me the head doctor sutdied in Harvard, let me say it again so I can feel better Haaaaarvard!!!! For me anything that comes from the U.S is good. Specially in this case. As the U.S saying goes ” Hope for the best but be prepeare for the worst”. It´s just a waiting game, day by day see her ovolution and for now is good. And after writing all this personal comment….. it would be crazy priest without this. I can put myself in check but as Orson Wells said, “let it be”
        Againg, thanks for the comment and sorry for my comment, hope you didn´t fall asleep.

      5. It is good that your mom is trying a new treatment. I pray that God will be with her and she will recover. I am happy it is not chemotherapy because that is a hard road.. Nope I didn’t fall asleep, thank you for sharing the news.

    1. Mrs. Prior, I have woken up from a rare night to say the least, and definitally I can get that encouragement, still have to go back to the “mommy Rambo” house and take care of her.
      I don´t understand when you say to keep with my voice. The blog, and the books of mine that I finally ordered, got the credit card next Monday by the way…..I´m rich!
      Anyways, talking about keeping my voice, send me if you could an email to clarify or your idieas as to how, in my personal opinión after Reading the book ( I have to write about this experience in a funny mode…. the guy sends to girl book and he never knew that the girl published it), Reading the book I think my voice is there, I´m quite transparant fortunately and more unfortunately. So send me an e-mail about how I go about what you said.
      You really are an angel by the way, give me faith in humanity. Forget about faith in humnity really, just I know that you YOU are making this happen for a screw up like me, why? Don´t know. But I can sincerely tell you this:
      Your are a precious person, peole like you see rarely. Actually in my life never.
      I just call you my angel.
      Love ya.

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