What a day

Over cast skies,
raining flies.I´m too much used to be hospitalized,
but, this time is not my demise.
I´m not use to be the caretaker,
in the army I was the undertaker.
Mother mother don’t you see?
Unfortunately this is now the life to be,
hard to be the caretaker, I can now understand
what a tough you creator.
What a day… It´s my duty, so don’t worry,
till the last breath you’ll be laughing
and in good hands with this strange “kid”.
Why are you surprise that I go from 0-100
when the time is necessary?
Don’t worry, I’m more worry than you,
it has to be the moon is blue…
I don’t know why I can compartmentalize the soon to be tragedy,
and make the day funny, a unfortunate gift, people think I don’t care or
I´m not aware-of, the gravity of this fatality, but:
that is the way I get the job done
and only for the special some.
Although I’m mentally drained, what fucking day.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Stop with the stong thing, getting me pissed off, I kow I am strong or vulnerable that´s why I say that I go from 0-100, there no in between so no wonder people think….what
        Yellow yellow yellow cat
        you are smart
        but I like dogs..
        with only one exception
        and yes the moon is blue

  1. Those days are always a bitch but…courage Charly, once a soldier always a soldier. Salud! y un abrazo

    1. It just came out late at night when I got home, just sat in front of the computer and started writing without much thinking about structure or this rhyme here or there, just came out…. like usually really. Usually I said, other times I do put on the work on it. And then I go and put it for the public to read…. kind of weird really but it is kind of a therapy, which that too is not normal… Guess that’s why I came up with the name of my blog.
      I appreciate you taking the time to read it and the nice comment. And not to blow smoke up your…I do really enjoy reading you. You people are a bunch! But I try my best to keep up, usually do actually. I just enjoy reading all of you, and you are on my top reads as you might have notice.

    1. Thanks Frederick, your too kind. I do my best, not easy to be a caretaker but what type of man would I be if I didn’t take care of the person who was the single one that raised me? She does drive me a bit nutty with “put this here, go there, not this thing the other thing you had to buy… e.t.c”. And I do want her last memory of her son not being a F..ck up.
      Appreciate the comment.

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