Single shot Freddy(30 seconds video)

I know, I see these things…specially drunk actually. Not drunk now,
but who the fucks cares, starting to piss me off staying in this shit town
staying-conversing with criminals, no joke, neither me for them. Mutual respect,
I know, did what they do, long time ago. Pisses me off not taking care of my ill mother.
So I go in this shit town, shut myself up in my rent room and see.. or watch…
I can relate.
Funny moments when one guy…. and yes ladies, we where all guys why do you think
I´m constantly horny? If you can imagine, you will never experience
it and thank goodness for you, that´s why you have nutcases like us.
That was a funny one, the U.S and..paratrooper! You do need a stress reliever, like this guy.
No brainer.
I did my job there.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. haha, WWII and the Korean War had their “Washing machine Charlie” (sorry Priest, that’s what they called him), and in Afghanistan you fellas had a blind, geriatric Afghan man!!

    1. What´s up with CHARLY!!!!!! the narly.
      You mention the Korean war, if you would like
      write it on Doctor Google with this “Buffalo soldeirs” I know I spelled it wrong,, check it out if you like, quite a history.

  2. I wish the guys shooting at us would have been blind! hehehe…there always has to be a comic relief. We cannot take ourselves or our circumstances too seriously all the time. There is a time for serious focused attention and concentration and there is a time to let it all “hang out” like they used to say back in the sixties in the US. All the best Charly, un abrazo

    1. You said it, although the ” hang out”….tha´ts oooold school.
      You know and expressed it, And yes I have more to say, I was in charge of 4 other guys, that meant to me literally my life so when you said serious and focused I can be that. I also know I was, maybe till am although doubt it, i was as you said a first to lead and first to make ( jillipojezes macabras) I don´t know the name in English. That was a stress reliever, you start or the other starts and we all get into that game. Keeps the mind out of the situation but yet again that is why I did write a post ” switch”, I and we, where able to turn the switch and get into the job, and also laughing at it, some times.

      1. That’s the only way to beat the stress and get the job done when it needs to be done…great Charly, great to hear from you…stay well, my friend and remember that “a good soldier is not an angry man” Peace brother

      2. The soldier thing I´m past that, and…. yes sir, you got me on that one I can become quite angry. I guess that would be a plus in the soldier thing. I keep it under control the best I can and keep focused on what it is important.

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