kings never die

There is this last stance in the Spanis Legión:
” La muerte no es el final, lo mas horribe es morir siendo un cobarde.”
Translation-death is not the final, worst is dying being a coward.
So kings die,life.
Spanish legión, believe it or not, I did learn from that religión.
Forgot, I don´t remember which of the freaking sayings you had to-
remember, a lot, I just made it wobling my mouth.
Life, this is mine, just do not underestimate people.
But you can-underestimate me.
I´m writing, and not a long fighting.
I do know this, piss me really off, not only piss me off,
thinking while I have to do the blinking, I can kill you,
I did find this off me, yet, I have to live more for my sanity,
there is the reality of dumbheads that will kill you of their “normal” sanity.
Writing behind a computer? Not really living in this cozy home.
Trying to trick you, to me sounds… I just build half your iglue.
not blue,
I´ll make this suggestion, only one, do not underestimate,
me human, you human,just don´t.
This was profound.
And now, not overthink about me, but learn about my current job.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Charly – I need you to read a book – I think you will like it. It’s called “The Resilience Project by Hugh Van Cuylenburg – just don’t argue with me – go and read the book – you can download it off Apple or whatever. And anybody else – go and read it too.

      1. Sadly yes I’m taken by another King – but There’s plenty fish in the sea Charley although the sea is choked with plastic and marine life are dying or being slaughtered but…where was I?

      2. You had me until you started talking about fish and I´m sure you were going to say that we all eat plastic since plastic goes into the ocean then fish eat the ocean plastic and then we eat it and then we shit it then goes into the plastic i don´t know but plastic seems to go into the ocean and and we shit eat ocean duck…. I know where you were, right next to me

    1. Turkeys according to my Spanish grandmother where like fake meat. She had a saying for it wich I don´t recall, nice video?
      You are a master in creating these things so I´ll pay you for you to put one of those in my post.

      And yes I was conmfy with the cast on, 8 months took me to regain full walking Charlyíng style. 8 months!! Because of my great athletics with Jack Daniels.

      1. Have fun tomorrow with all us people who will over eat, over sleep, feel downright stuffed and uncomfortable watching football – but can’t wait to do it again next year!!

      2. You crack me up with these things you post, where do you get them….leave it a secret. Hope your stomach is not too full today, you got to get up and do some exercise!

      3. hahaha, surely NOT! I just want to try and keep agile in my old age. I see too many bent old people in the grocery story and don’t want to be one of them!

    1. No soy un tio…. no hay emoticonos de tias? Como descriminan.
      Es buen refran y que por desgracia saque algo de el y vivirlo antes, no ahora.
      No tengo ni la fuerza ahora para leer los blogs, mañana? Eso es lo raro de mi, que voy de 0-100. Y yo dando consejos de no ser extremista en cualquier faceta de la vida…….
      Hay esta.
      Un Saludo y mañana podre leer y aprender de todos vosotros.

      1. Venga, pues descansa que eso es vital. Todos llegamos a los extremos de cuando en cuando…el refran nuestro…que lo robamos de los Marines…era Adapt, Improvise, Overcome. Bueno pues a descansar y a recuperar fuerzas…ah, otro refran nuestro en el ejercito era “stay low and keep moving!” Un saludo

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