1. I know Mr. Francisco Bravo Cabrera. We had quite a lot of exchanges, I knew about the military but he was in the U.S military what I didn’t know until yesterday while seeing his gravatar and I ended up there by clicking on it by accident really not to be nosy but the man is an international artist, a great one not only in poetry which as you have noticed he writes in Spanish but his Jazz paintings(I thought that was a great subject), just an overall great artist. Appreciate you took the time to think of the Crazy priest.
      New York….. good old memories, I actually experience my first Black Friday there. It was kind of scary actually once I got out of the subway and there was literally a wave of millions of people on the sidewalk walking in my direction, had to turn around and go with the wave of people. That was an experience being a teenager from a small town of Spain.

    2. Forgot. And he also writes in Italian in this post. And you being the Brad Pitt…. you gotta learn Italian GP. I don’t know why but at least here in Spain women love the guys from there.

      1. haha. I tried learning Spanish back in school. It got so I could pretty much read it, somewhat make myself understood — BUT — when spoken back to me, it was like there was a wall in my brain. I understood nothing.

      2. It´s actually very hard for a foreigner to learn Spanish, I was fortunate to learn English or American English since I was 4 years old. If not I´d probably wouldn’t be able to learn it if I would have started in high school.

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