1. I only know that Barrack Obama made him of him in national t.v in the black house in the national correspondents dinner and two years later this dude has his job in the White house

      1. It’s ok. I looked it up on Google and it is him. It said: ‘Donald Trump didn’t fight in Vietnam because he had bonespurs’. I just wanted to make sure it was the right dude 🙂

    1. I know the guy pisses people off, I will say this that he said. Something to this effect when a reporter told him that he didn’t come from nothing that his father was a millionaire. Trump just looked at the reporter and said very calmly ” He was a millionaire but I took the business to a Billionaire”. A lot of people are born with privilege and fuck it up. I don’t care about if he served in war or what in the world the other guy is saying. I know this, your unemployment is at 3.6% that includes black, hispanics, asians, Caucasians, e.t.c. Stock market it up, the apologetic tour of how bad America is that is done. People around the world sees a new sheriff in town. Do you think all these European countries are run by Saints? Have you seen the unemployment rate compared to the US? Have you seen how bad the riots are in France? So I don’t take sides, I just state the obvious. I don’t judge the personality of the guy, but his policies. People tend to vote by emotion, just human nature. But they can´t rebuke the accomplishments this president has made. You just can´t twist the facts-reality. Actually you can but is up to the electorate to see through the other side “punches” against Trump or to accept the disinformation that they are creating and will create later on even much worst. This impeachment thing it is a sham. Specially when you have proof that top officials in the FBI wanted to oust the President Trump. When you have documents of people in high level at the FBI saying that they spied on him, that they worked with democrats and others against Trump…that is quite dangerous in a democracy. Why not impeach Bush or Obama with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the left Bush lied to go to Irak…. yet they did vote for that war. They just can´t handle this guy, they despise him.As well as you do for sure. And I´m not here to change or debate you, but as you well know hatred is not good in overall life. Plus I thought the video was funny.
      Remember when Obama made fun of the guy at the White House correspondents dinner? Well…2 years later he had to hand out the keys of his house to Trump. I just thought that was brilliant. Just as an observer of human behavior.

      1. Trump took an oath like all our presidents to uphold the constitution instead he has lied and cheated and tried to destroy what the forefathers put in place to avoid exactly what he is doing now, abuse of executive power.
        Trump has betrayed our Europeans allies and all roads lead to Putin. We need to get rid of the electorate college. Trump lost the popular vote. Hopefully we can save our democracy before he is able to turn it into an autocracy. Yesterday once again he entertained Russian oligarchs in the White House while refusing a meeting with Ukraine who desperately needs America support to prevent further Russian invasion. They are already in Ukraine and have taken over Crimea. That doesn’t concern you?

      2. Russia took over Crimea and half of Ukraine while Obama was president. Do we go to war with Russia? No, so better do the back channels talk and not so back channels since if they do announce that the Russian foreign minister is giving a conference in the White House with the man Pompeyo, there is some strategy behind all that, hopefully it works.
        I´m not going to go further, politics divide people. Look at my country Spain right now. So if it decides a country at least it doesn’t divide me being able to read you. Love ya! Don’t get mad, have a great day. There is certainly more important things in my day to day life than politics, it obviously affects me so I have to deal with the consequences a.k.a hustling to make a buck.

      3. Charly, the roads are not paved with gold here, 99% of the people are struggling to make a living while the 1% of wealthy (including corporations) have received a huge tax break from Trump, while the poor and middle class pay the countries bills. We are angry over here at his shenanigans. Something’s are more important than having a part time job which is what they are offering people now, no full time jobs, that would mean the employer having to offer benefits. ( remember our health coverage must be paid by us, not the government, and is taken from our paychecks) What is more important is integrity and not bowing down to a crime boss. Love you too.

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