Alert! must read

I personally think this is a great book for a Christmas gift…. and any time of the year actually,
written by a wonderful writer and human being. Personally I have enjoyed the read very much
and liked the “behind the poem” section since you always learn something that is of use for
your day to day life. And I don’t care how smart you think you are, you will be filled by
a “mysterious mental murmuration” as one line of her poems says.
In Avian Friends, you will find more than forty poems that offer encouragement and uplifting stories. The poems are free rhyme and connect to different life scenarios. Each poem also includes a “behind the poem” section, which provides personal reflections, teaching tidbits, and ideas for wellness. Backyard birds inspired the poems and the topic of faith has been gently woven in (not in a religious way) with the hope that diverse readers can enjoy the content.
The poems in this book are not complicated poems; instead, they are light and can lift the reader’s mood. The poems are for those who do not always read poetry – as well as for the poetry lover.
And if you wonder why birds are used is because the author wrote a journal on her backyard
where it was full of birds, which gave her peace and inspiration. I thought it was brilliant
the use of these Avian friends to create a well written thought out themes around them.

You can find her book here:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=avian+friends+encouraging+poems+inspired+by+backyard+birds&qid=1576340968&sr=8-1

Her blog is here:

Enjoy the read!


  1. wow – thanks a lot Charly – sorry I did not see this post when it came out.
    You really did a fine post here – I am humbled and grateful.
    many thanks and peace to you Sir Spaniard!!

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