:) Blessed are the Merciful — Espirational

Hope so but it is hard with some people….

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” –Matthew Jesus, Matthew 5:7, NIV, accessed from BibleGateway.com If we show mercy to others God will show mercy to us. 26 more words

via 🙂 Blessed are the Merciful — Espirational


    1. I´m with you, it doesn’t really translate into real life but I am a believer so hopefully I´ll try it, although I have already tried it! And it never turns out good. A bad person is a bad person, you won’t change that person. You will only fall more into his or her trap. You’ll be a looser.
      But who knows, maybe there is a miracle there…see? The thing of being a believer is complicated.

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