Adrenaline junkie

That is the face of an angel,
fragile at the same time once in a while dazzle.
Here is the short version of my incursion tension.
Mother is ill, I´m the caretaker pretty much all day.
It does wear on you, it sounds selfish I know. Day in day out,
take care of the house, dog,supermarket,trash,helping her walk,
making sure she takes the medicines, e.t.c.
Today I went to the supermarket, the lady says to me to go to isle number one cashier,
then she calls me back to her, call me back I want her to do a smack,
a person has already entered that same cashier, so I jump in front of this
Russian or whatever this dude is, from the Eastern countries that we have plenty
of those people in Spain. He tells me what the fuck I´m cutting for in line,
I explain that the cashier had told me…I snap, this is a big big ass dude,
I don´t care at that moment for the crude, got on his face(basically his chest
is where my face was looking up) for the others lookers disgrace and unload
on him my epitaph, from idiot to….Z, he backs down, I get the food on the basket
walk back home and feel great. I just dumped my adrenaline that had been build up.
It has always been like that, what?!!
I´m always very calm, but when the switch turns
there are burns.
Fuck me, this was cathartic to write it in public, might as well also write how I shit too.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses and go buy my freaking book, it´s about to cook.


    1. It is quite stressful and knowing the ending is she in heaven. That’s why I have to be here, even though her nagging at me, to put this here or clean there or whatever else it is I have to control myself knowing that she raised me by her own. At least her last memories of me are not of a F..k up.

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