Invasion by Ukraine!

Holy shait! The freaking Russians invaded Ukraine right?
Guess who is here in the new apartment of my mother installing
the new windows….4 Ukranians!
My theory: They lost against the big red army, they were prisoners of war,
they escaped and fled here to Spain incognito and are installing windows by day
and they work as mercenaries by night. Or in their lunch brake right now.
They´ll spend the whole day here and 2 more,until all the windows are installed,
and me being the lookout, while mother rests in bed. At least their funny guys
so not a boring day although a bit pain in the ass.
The Russians invaded Ukraine and now the Ukraine guys invade the house
of my mother. I should ask them if they are mercenaries or assassins…

And you tell me that people have writers block? Come on.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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