Corpsman up!!!

Tragedy, I hope there is some remedy. The Romans figures adorning the whole town
amongst other things like little Jesus and Mary, and donkeys and a bunch of other nativity
pieces… shit! The romans are down!!
Some one yelled
Corpsman up!
So I had to speedup
Or it was too hot so I did stay still,
do a bit of my own chill, and then went to see…
There are more down Romans, the Spanish Empire is in dire…straights,
I took out my old uniform, put on my new platform, and it was restored the norm.

Now I saved, yet again the Spanish Empire
You people should not do an admire
I am that humble
Saving Spanish Empire from ruble…or at least the freaky Romans
The Spanish corpsman saved the day,
We´ll be back soon to restart our Spanish crusade.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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