The priest making friends

Being a priest I have to pontificate;
latter you can rate

Cry me a river for: the poor, climate change,
the derange,
save the animals, save the trees and add the bees into the basket,
that way you can sleep me to death into a casket.

I read(brush)blogs after blogs about those topics, I realize that most people I know,
for them is a show.
Their main concern is how to survive for themselves from month to month,
tell them or me, to start investing time and very little money
on all that bullshit honey.

I´m tired of being bombarded by media and people to make those things my priority,
the poor are in the minority,
I´m actually blessed, you feel so badly about the poor..
go to India and do more, for her(and she is smiling) 
Once I see you there
Then I will care what you say with that stare
Since you did the dare.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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