Sweet Caroline!!

You don’t go for my money
you beautiful honey
honey bee
you are to me
always with a smile
laughing at my humoristic style
you are the bright cashier star
laughing “with” this recked car
I got to go another half a mile
for you to have a coffee with me in a while

Foot Note. Being the caretaker of my mother for most of the days it has also
it´s advantages. I go everyday to the same supermarket and a cashier caught my eye.
First of all let me say I have become an expert on all types of food products, were
are they located, (at the beginning I was like a chicken with her head cut off running
in circles trying to find whatever the mother wanted) so ladies!!
Going back to Caroline… in Spanish is Carolina. How did I get her name you are wondering…
The magic of this crazy priest, or also might have helped that she has a name tag on her
right breast, which are quite nice to look at. I usually move forward more rapidly but
lets give it a bit of time, today I came so happy about my encounter with her that
when I realized, I had walked past my mothers street and had ended 2 streets up the damn
hill. All the while thinking about the poetry involving Caroline. She made me work out only with her smile,
then back down the damn hill said hello to mother,hit the keyboard and Voila! Magic happened
in writing. Magic or tragic according to each taste.


      1. Para mi si, alomejor otros les trae pesadillas, yo que se. A mi me trajo recuerdos de la película de “novia a la fuga” con mi primer amor platónico. La gran actriz…que se me ha olvidado el nombre. Verla con mis padres y demás. Esos son los buenos recuerdos.

      2. Venga, eso es lo bueno de estas canciones q hacen que uno vuelva la vista atrás y recuerde. Un saludo Charly

  1. I love Neil Diamond and I am from North Carolina and currently living outside of Raleigh, NC again. I know that feeling where your head is so turned by someone you can’t stop thinking about them. I married that guy and am still married to him. Great poem and bless you for taking care of your mom. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. Thank you very much Joni. North Carolina is one place I have to visit in the U.S, I´m from Spain but studied as a youngster over there. By the way, you also got SC, you guys are weird 😉
      Glad you married “that guy “and your happy.
      I only read one of your writings, but with more time I will be, and this phrase I coined so it´s copy right protected…. with time ” I´ll do my cool stalker moves”.
      Have a great day,, and thank you for taking the time to read and even more I´m grateful you actually liked what you read and the song. God bless you too.

      1. Just an interesting side note. My daughter studied at University of Washington and then UNC Chapel Hill for her Masters. She studied in Granada and went to the University of Madrid for almost a year. We visited Spain and went to many cities but I fell in love with Madrid. What a blessing it was to visit your gorgeous Country. The people were so wonderfully kind and we felt so welcomed everywhere we visited. I got to dance till 3:00 in the morning in a cave in Granada. I would move there in a minute if we could on the beautiful Mediterranean coast. Love ❤️ Joni

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