Impeachment of evil Trump

The word comes from the U.S House of Representatives
Filled by highly skilled political operatives
After going back and forth one party finally got one article to stick called: Obstruction
Desinformation reaction
Obstruction is a big umbrella:
Obstruction because you don’t like what the president did
That is his constitutional deed- you like it or not
Why now that they have their “victory” why not pass it to the U.S Senate for a lawful trial,
Not a political-populistic trial
So people can see evidence of law for once in a while
Afraid it may backfire?
Didn’t they have such a tight case?
Or are they are just trying to safe face?
But they throw out great names though:Pelosi-like the battle of the bulge,
Other Politician- Like fighting the revolution
Other politician- Like fighting for black rights
You don’t send the freaking thing to a trial since you know you’ll get a lawful denial

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Foot Note. It´s in Spain, woke up to give my mother her anti cancer pills,
and now I felt like pontificate…. to the dog that is sleeping next to me.
Or maybe she is doing as she is sleeping….deceitful creature, just like others though,
so the dog is good.


  1. Sorry to hear about your mother, mate. I had that filthy disease in 2010. God bless her and watch over her.

  2. The Dems having throwing a temper tantrum ever since Trump won. That’s what all this boils down to. No one can tell me how their life has changed for the worse since he was elected. (unless it’s for the better!)

    1. You´re right, even before he was elected I think they were already plotting how to destory the man. So… 3.6% unemployment, he killed that bastard of Isis, stock market booming, people spending more and that´s much of your economy, and most funny he did say out of NAFTA and dems hate it, but now he got through legislation that new thing that I forgot the name between Mexico-U.S-Canada and more other things. He is doing what he said he did, and that is rare. I can´t figure out what you people in the U.S are complaining about, you just (not you per se) just hate him with all you got. And by the way for the dems as they say themselves and their slogang… hatred is bad. Anyways compared to Spain with 20+% unemployment…come on, it Will backfire for the left,, people see through it and get the circus. I´ll be the Spanish Nostradamus- 2020 election Trump will win. Not that it matters personally to me, but it´s fascinating to see the political maneuvering from the left. Ain´t gonna work.

    2. Sorry for more comments, but being here in a house most of the day I see a lot of these things,
      this guy is good, sarcastic-funny and more important factual you might enjoy it. I might loose some readers…. don´t care having what I have in my plate. Plus I like the southern accent.

    1. And still years to come… hopefully that is. It´s back to my old me, I might be a screw up but when things get real serious, you just do the job. My job is her being alive as many days she can and be as happy as Manny days she can. If I told you about yesterday night……., father? don´t bother, the poor woman even said that she was sorry for making me go here, take pill there (that I know at what hour they have to be taken and even have to forcé her to take them since she says “I´m too weak” I just say “I know but take them”. That´s it. She sees confidence and that reasures her) yesterday night…fuck me was harsh. I should try once in a while to delete the many words I curse….. but it wouldn´t be crazy priest.
      By the way, I challenge you to jump out of an airplane, I was infantry and even repelling from a 10-20 meters in a helicopter scared the bejessus out of me. So there goes the dare on day, if I jump you jump. Deal is sealed.

      1. It comes onece in a while,what I did learn from me from …from when I got in to the military, infantry, I didn´t knew that when as the americans say ” the shit hits the fan”, I´m terribley borring, I´m calm, I did give my commands,believe that this crazy one in charge of 4 others, I just kept my cool…whatever the saying is
        And now that I think of it, confidence I lost now at age17–. had it ate age25, weird, I can even claim i have PTSD wich in Spain they don´t give shit, who knows if I re tihink about itl might as well get a paychec for PTSD… but I don`t have time for a disorder, mommy cáncer mommy pills, and moomy make her laugh. That´s my job now. It should had been earlier, I just enjoy when she smiles at my crazy things that I say….yet again I´m quite transparent so she is … laughint to make me feel Good!
        Just got to love the woman, only one

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