baby for

i know a lane boy,
he did not cry why,
writing drunD and i feel like the knotS.NACHASHUNG sense
p.S I just saw a post so talking about gramar bad,
it is kind of sadl
forgot, the bitch is smart,
it is her art,
and don´t go with the punk ass bitch Brazil guy, Isee you-
apart from screw you, I play the player , i did tell him
so now I have to do the writing.

Note drunk as a skunk, but what I wrote it is true, living with these people, bring the wors out of me.
And when I told the fuckig idiot Braaaazzil, that I don´t know what is fear, after he talked and talked…
not to me my man, Spanish Legión you? No . Fot rget that army thing, he tries to make you and you
weak¿ ? No sir, do not get me to that other position…fck, I`´ m scary crazy ass if I have to.
i know me, what the flllllllk

only my woman “mommmmmy!” it is my art.

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