anatomy of a drunk post

I had to be more drunk than the proverbial skunk…. Is there a proverbial for that anology?
I just re read this and thought “holy shit” but the worst part is that not in a abnormal matter,
it was a “holy shit” as me saying ” I was fucked up as a drunk skunk
(I´ll stick with the skunk thing) and as always post it for the public”. Also thought….
“yes that was me for sure drunk and writing a real weird thing yet at the same time
it made sense or didn´t, so lets keep the people guessing, or the ones who regular read me know?….”
I figured that people that read me often, or do you hit the LIKE button for what by the way?
I had 12 and a half LIKE´S in half a minute… kind of weird. I really don´t give a shit,
going back to my great drunk post, I thought it was like the empeachment of Trump by the democrats.
In this case was a “creative maneuver”…. so really not a big difference.
That was a good anology.
Just go along and hit Like and say it was great.
Holy…. I even put in there the Trump thing, not my fault by the way,
I do strategically target the American population-market, I´m doing good and no food today by the way.
What the fuck, I didn´t even put the title on the post, it was called Baby For… what a mental process,
or destruction of my one neuron, and on Monday…time to go to work. With mother who needs this idiot
not to write drunk or not to write is the first cut out priority, and needs him with all his senses,
they say people have 5 senses, yet I add another one. How? I do know me, I go from zero to hero.
I just put on my “Smart” cap, and do the fucking job. Not an easy one having been 1 month as a caretaker,
might as well go back to the army in harmony.
You are seeing what is going to be inevitable. Seeing the slow death of your own mother.
I stopped drinking today, so Monday we´ll get back to business in case you cared. Who? What?
That was a great ending to a re-start.
Hey! Anatomy of a drunk post. Remember! That is my legacy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses and have a great Sunday.

Foot Note.
I don´t know why the writing on the WordPress thing has no limits. In short, I write a sentece.
That was the period before I see the great post published and the sentences spread apart.


  1. best wishes as you take care of your momma

    and I wonder if some “bots” follow you and add a few likes- but yes – some of us are quick to hit the like button at times.

    1. Finally a human said it out loud.
      Hell Yvette, you know I gave to my flirting,
      you are smallzand… tall!
      Love ya, says crazy priest ….appreciate it . Over… tomorrow hangover, you…. just leave your husband and kids ajd get with me fpr vacation.

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