I was too good

Hey GP, and the other … don´t angry me
for him-bitch she,
i was tryinge to get you and her out,
so fuck you old piece of shit
you want that? Seems here in my response and i do pray tha I don´t see you phissicallyl,
or your sons or whatever my good freind
Belive me now.
Afraid that you got my IPP computer adress?
Punck bithc you are, tell that to the idiot drug dealers
in front of my house that we had somem mouse,
another one.. getting tired, militay guy i was so there goes,
who am I talking to? That is th real question.
Solutiagaon- brake your face and your family, how about that you punk,
never in the Little time you have in this world under-est-imate,
and worst for you…. playing it Smart, and i thought i was the kid,
you Little shit, truly I alredy hit the shit out the idiots drug dealersat
also the army days, I was a good shot, and who the fuck are you to be a smart ass?
at your age? Fucking punk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

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