mammas boy

Hey! I´m going to be me in dirt hay,
she thought… actually told her beautiful son:
“You are not a military guy” and that was true
I did the basic and deployed, for her to annoy,
true was what she said that i´m not military
yet she didn´t know…or maybe kind off, I was no scarry
to her worry,
spend almost 5 years, 2 times deployed, and it is not for me to me MILITARY
I only know that they paid well (according to Spanish standards)
an I got my adrenaline.
The americans saying… ” foot soldier”, I was worst than foot, the rest couldn´t care less.
Except Mom, she hit me! to be strong. And that is not BS.I just do the shit
when it is outmost necessary only if is life or death struggle,
So now that I think a bit I just wrote a note, to say that I´m not really a mammas boy and
just talk my bullshit aaand about me.
So here goes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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