1. What the f–k does that poem mean? Is your Mother dying or already dead? It makes no sense to me and I read it twice! When I write I say what I think, and I speak in Plain English so people have no problem with the big, complicated words, so everybody knows just what I have to say to them, I have over 300 + e-mails to answer, and I will answer only those who deign to “Comment” the “Likes” are just a Click, easy to give away, delete those, I seek dialog, discourse, with interesting Writer’s…..I am an Old Man, with not much time left, let us make it worth my while…..

      1. I do not know how I am paying your bills since I chose not to make money on my site, at age 74 money don’t mean s–t to me anymore, I just write what I think, and what I think is human beings need to wake up^ to all the LIES they have been brain-washed with since Birth……

    1. No, pissed off having a dumb son. Although if I have to hear what I belive it´s her wonders,
      “Why does this idiot son of mine goes from0-100, couldn´t he be at least just in the middle?”

  2. You should be grateful Sir, that you can hold your Mother’s hand and guide Her out of this world, not all of us are so lucky, my Lady Love left this world 3,000 miles away from me. Tough Love!

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

      1. My net name is: alaskamansluckgeorget@word press.com; I live in an old log cabin, yet I have Electric service, so my computer transmits my old man thoughts world wide, what a great invention!

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