You are about to witness the great story
Don´t worry….
Seems I don´t have that mental disease,
I rest in peace…
my mind is constantly filled with ideas, words,and I have to write them
it gives me life, write them even on a piece of napkin, then I might whipe them
next chapter of my life
got to have the drive
and, pontificate to the world…my mental world

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. J. Krishnamurti stated that “Life & Death” are two sides of the same coin…..How then does one know if one is alive or dead? Do we just flip a coin? All I ask is to be buried next to my faithful Dog TAO, so he and I can run through Paradise together, as we did in this lifetime… That faithful dog was with me every minute of his life, until old age got him, as old age is now getting me…..This computer went “Black Face” on me the other day, so did I cry & moan, no I picked up my ink pen and my yellow paper and wrote by hand…..How Life works for me; My good, good, neighbor trudged through a snow storm to sit by me and make this machine work for me again!I call a BLESSING on HER HOUSE! We also have a neighbor who plows us out after a snow-fall and has never asked for a dime in payment…..I have not had to cook a single meal since my Lady Love passed away on Nov. 5, 2019, my neighbors brought me so much food & love & Sympathy…..I had to give some of that food to our local food pantry, I could never eat it all! In this world of mine the “Good People” far outweigh the so called “Evil People” that they make this a wonderful place to live & have my being. I am Blessed! I would desire that our Ships of War, become Rescue Ships, that our War-Planes drop food & water to a drought stricken area…..Years ago I back-packed all over the west, I never waited more than 10 minutes for a ride, one time in Oregon, I climbed out of one car, and another car was sitting there waiting with the door opened! Maybe we should stop listening to the bad news and broadcast instead a little Good News? Let us make this year 2020 into a Good News Year……

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