I´m a nazi(over 99.1 years old)

I´ll make my thoughts quick and if you want to watch the video your decision. Hopefully
WordPress bans me.
Living in a country ( I do know these people) that you are threaten by ….Spanish communist
Honduras, Ecuador, Latin Kings(where the fuck these idiots came from?),
Colombia, Marruecos, fuck me! Even Brazillians, that was a new one for me.
And they are in a country, most of those illegaly and very few % working to not sell drugs, or steal, or…
just to fuck Spanish people up? So there was the point,.
while smoking a joint. Had to rhyme. People, the silent majority are not fond of it.
To say the least. I´m not a Nazi,Nazi… they don´t even think straight. I am a person that
sees and experiences those threats, should I be scared then? Justice system works here perfectly…
Video! He did took a life, but no wonder for me if I feel surrounded.(126 words, was quick)

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