Look at that beauty! She´s even promoting Eminems.
Strong?I thought I was strong because of my army experience…no.
She came today were I live, she has stage 4 cancer. She came… I didn´t.
Although in my defense I was the one staying in the hospitals, back at her house
doing all the cleaning, cooking, the freaking dog she has ( love ya Tina), so
I did something right.
She came to see me since I don´t have a cellphone, stoled by…won´t name her.
She pretty much called me a dummy and other things. But she came to see her only son.
She did say at the end after basically calling me a dumbshit that I could pass by her house.
Just this mother for me, is the greatest woman on earth. I´m a mammas boy in a sense. Mother-kid.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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