Abort mission!

Always have to keep mome in the head if not I can go this afterwayor do do a dismay….

3.a.m coldn´t sleep
not because of this house situation shit
always after army days
it has been my ways
and by the way I can´t find the great picture of me in army in “add media”
what the fuck are they adding then?
I did put ittle note under the”landlords” door( I actually know who is the true landlord and his son,
crazy Joe I call the son)
It was way before,
just told her the truth:
I´m not going to pay the bills of those who enter “without a key” a.k.a exgirlfriend for the most part,
Never in his Brazilian life (my new cool roomate) is he going to threaten my familly
since I will kill the guy
and hapilly say good by.
See? It even rhymed… woke up to this thought, what have you brought!
Kidding withe the last rhyme 😉
So I said to myself ABORT MISSION is my decisión not only for me…yo be!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,
(Stay Frosty definition- got it from a seargent while serving with him in some place,
we became brothers, with their radios they could monitor enemy activity and my four guys attached
as me the interpreter, this US. Marine Corps seargent had his guy to tell him when we where
going to be attacked, quite scary to say the least knowing a proximity as when you are going
to be shot……Point being! The STAY FROSTY so stay cool, calm and collected and be obviously
prepared to put your skills on the table if necessary)
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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