Marine corps body bearers

Kind of weird being myself a infantry guy in the Spanish Legión and not having
any tributes which was fine with us. Body bearers? What a name they came out with.
Yet I did live my early life in the U.S I know the wonderfull tribute they pay for
the U.S. More important to the fallen and their families.
(Sorry I bombard with posts, I just don´t know when they will pull out internet and I
thought this was a important reminder for you…all)


  1. They do go for perfection, I can attest to that. West Palm did not have a team, so the Marines who buried my son had to come up from Miami. There was no one movement or step out of place!! Thank you, Priest.

  2. If you want to see a film that will floor you regarding the practices and etc, check out Kevin Bacon in “Taking Chance.” I watch it every Veterans Day and cry my eyes out.

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