who would have thought…Trump

Who would have thought I can analize,
Trump. And make it in some form of poetry. I actually disagree with father,
but no bother.
Trump can read the crowd loyal to him, be himself, and off the cuff jokes,
quite funny actually, he has a incredible team behind him,
he is very smart at making people look dumb, “Fake news”, it stuck.Amongst others.
People underestimate him. Including my dad but he is old school political consultant.
So there goes (whoever wants to read) a bit of my background, and being his son…
I still remember at age 10 him driving me to school, which for him was not cool,
me with the walkie talkie listening to my music and him talking about some of what I wrote.
Take a note.
Yet my dad is the King in my eyes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. With his pros and cons (as all humans have) in my eyes he has much more pros. He is my hero, plus the only person in my family that went to my “graduation” of basic military trainining. He never talked to me about it by phone, actually I never talked to any family member. But he suddenly appeared in the freaking son and in the parade deck ( patio de armas in spanish) I Heard someone calling my name, I went to that person and he told me that there was a special person looking for me. I went in the direction and saw my father. And I had never spoke to the man in those 2 months and probably more tan that. But there he was.

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