Lex Talionis

(This is a poem from the book of the century…. My book that is. Since I´m a troglodyte
when it gets to the technical things of computers, a friend put the cover of the book that
links to Amazon on the charlypriest.wordpress.com front page so everyone can see!
And hopefully enjoy)

Lex Talionis

In great Babylonia
they had no insomnia
I had a friend there
who would not spare

Babilonias rule of law
Is what he saw

If someone
committed a crime
That wasn’t fine
in came lex talonis law;

You rob me
I rob you
You stab me
I stab you
You screw my wife
I screw your wife

” It´s an eye for an eye!”

That is
what my friend cried
And almost died
he had no condemnation
He went by
the law of retaliation.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Do you mean to say that you dropped tthose comments without having even READ the whole piece which was under 700 words long — so you didn’t even know what was actually SAID? Shame on you. Please don’t come back. Ever.

    1. I already know what you where going to say without reading everything, it´s always the same. I read your post in full not the comment of the other idiot attacking me. And by the way you are commenting on my blog that has nothing to do with politics so you better not respond to me here, or I´ll take a gun! aaaaaaaaaaa! See? I´m a crazy Trump supporter. Out off my fucking blog you. Or I´ll just block you on your next try.

    1. I have no idea, I´m not in charge of the account. They set it up for me and I need a credit card to pay the small fee for the Amazon. But I guess that if they buy it they will tell me on the blog. At least I put it out which was the important thing, I know I´m not going to live out of writing but keeps me focus.
      Thanks as always for reading and your comments Anna, I really appreciate it.

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