Seal the holes in my false hope — Poison Yvy

The quote of Mr. Haruki Muarkami couldn’t be more true. I can only add that  I hope you come out a better-wiser person out of that storm.

” When you come out of this storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That is what this storm is all about.” Haruki Muarkami This year choose growth. Choose adventure even though it seems scary. Choose knowledge even though it seems pointless. Choose to love yourself even though you want to be […]

via Seal the holes in my false hope — Poison Yvy


    1. Hi there Lutrell, thanks for stopping by and the comment. We´re still here, not the best moments but that’s life, got to keep going. I did have some fun watching the Senate hearings. Won’t go into it in my blog, but you know what I mean.
      Again, appreciate you taking the time by passing by and all the best to you.

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