Trying to impeach the dog (50 word story)

Five year old Lucas went running to his mom, he heard the word impeachment in the news.
He firmly told mom, ” The dog barks! Hate that.” Mom laughed and responded,
“Not a crime Lucas, you don’t like it but is not a crime.” Lucas cried.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. I´m in Spain celebrating I just found a new laptop (the other one broke, broke as me) for 274 Euros. That’s what I´m celebrating.
        I come from a family involved in politics so since a kid I’ve been exposed to the “inner” side of the political process and politicians and the rest so it´s natural for me to analyze that. Although I have to say I did a pretty good metaphor to explain it in 50 words. To the point. The kid is the democrats, the Mother is the adult so Republicans, the dog is Trump and then the dialogue I think it makes it obvious the point I was making. Quite original I have to say, and I never pat myself on the back but I will this time. And it came out of nowhere it wasn’t planned I just sat down opened WordPress and I wrote it in a second.
        More pats on my back, my hand is hurting now.

      2. LOL … they do say self-praise is no praise … but if it makes you happy who cares ?

        There’s some cheap laptops about these days, mine cost about the same and has been so far great.

        dos cervezas por favour

    1. I know people either hate him or love him, there is no in between. Although I have to say that the guy says at least for me some pretty funny sh..t off the cuff.
      Remember when in the Republican debate Megan Kelly of Fox News said he called women fat and worst, the guy just looked at her and said ” Just Rossie O´Donnel”, that was priceless, the people cheering, it was refreshing. You know what you get with this guy, but never underestimate him. You know he is going to tweet or say some “holy shit he said that outloud?” people know it, so half of the population like that and the other half doesn’t. But for me it is quite simple, and it goes back to Mr. Clinton, a very smart political animal, he did pivot to the center and adopted economic ideas from the right, so the economy was great, low unemployment more $$$$ in your pockets. With Trumpy Humpy is the same, 3.6% Unemployment? That’s incredible really wether you like him or not personally, so people have money and see their jobs as more stable. It´s all about the dollar. Which I don’t have!

      1. Me neither, but I do know that people get very but very emotional when talking about politics. I commented very with very rational arguments in another blog that was berating Trump and comments started to pour on top of my comment from other people, so it seems I´m a racist, a women hater, selfish, fascist, and I don’t even remember the other names they called me. One person actually went to a post I wrote called Lex talion, or something like that it was a poem about that word (that I probably spelled it wrong now) in Latin which is about some old law of retaliation. And this person goes into the post and keeps commenting on my blog that has nothing to do with politics as you can read, except once in a while I have to say I did make a pretty good metaphoric short story. (I´m patting myself on the back now so I´m just writing with my left hand 😉 ) Point being she called me on my blog in a post about some latin poetry called me “I Should have shame” That’s when I literally told her and used the word, get the fuck off my blog and next comment you send me on this blog I block you and expose you. She didn’t come back. But man, people do take it very emotionally. And that is what the political operatives besides the candidate the ones who work for him play with, if they control the message, that message is going to the part of the brain that is emotional. That is what they shoot for. Having been born in a family that is involved in the insides of politics (I´m the black sheep as you can see) I’ve been exposed to this political inside maneuvering since little so for me it´s easy. And is very hard to argue your point against me (not you specifically just people in general), it just comes natural and since I´m so cool that I don’t have to go to formal school I am in the loop I like it or not. Can’t change parents and their jobs, so since they couldn’t find a good argument to my argument they just throw out names, which again is the typical thing. No argument, then you go for the emotional thing.
        A fucking women hater one said…..Jeeesus, how can I hate women if I suffer from the disease of “hornyness”… that was weird.
        Long comment, sorry.
        Hope everything is going good Lovie, Stay Frosty gentess.
        Stay Frosty definition- Got it from a U.S marine Seargent while deployed, we were attached to a unit and I was the interpreter between them and my guys(Spanish Legion) so they had the cool stuff, cool radios for example that could monitor the enemy radio traffic so they knew exactly were the enemy was and when they were going to attack us. So this seargent just turned and told his guys Stay Frosty gents! and then something about we are about to get the shit down or something like that, we infantry didn’t use very nice vocabulary.
        He was telling them to Stay cool, calm, collected, and put all the skills you learned at work when the shit hits the fan.

      2. i never get into it , my stance is just what i said,and i feel that everyone can think for themselves. Life is too short t be drawn into conflict over any human being:) I have enough dealing with people attacking my own beliefs . No time to attack OR defend anyone else on that stuff:)

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