Poem from the book


I hate my computer
it goes slower than a turtle
good news I´m not infertile

I hate my dog
he farts
and makes feces bigger than tarts

I hate wordpress
widgets, gadgets
nothing works it´s over my brain budgets

I hate my broken ankle
it´s boring to no end
since I can not by myself fend

I hate….I just hate, haters hate!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. You nuts? You give provide me with money when you read me, who hates the great $$$…
      😉 Kidding.
      But when I wrote that I probably had a cast on my leg when I broke my ankle and they had to put 8 screws on it, the joint of the ankle actually went to someplace and I ended up with the ankle looking 45 degrees to the left. Spend 3-5 months (Can´t remember long time ago) but I do remember it was almost a year until I could actually walk without a limp. That I hate. I still have the freaking screws in, funny thing- after the operation I asked the doctor how many screws he put on me, the guy literally got confused he said 6 at first, then he re-thought and said 7 and then the nurse told him it was 8. The guy lost track..

    1. O shit, I though you where a guy. That was quite the comment, if you don’t mind I´m going to the bathroom for a sec to rub one out…..I´m back that was quick.
      Have a great weekend Jessica.

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