Friday party!


(It´s the only picture I have of a girl and me on the computer and she took it, believe it or not
I don’t have an I phone, I buy my pre paid card phones for 15$ in a shady shop,
they don’t have wasssap nor any cool things most of you have. I just don’t use wassap,
nor internet on a phone, just need it to call receive calls and text a message once in a while,
I know I´m a troglodyte, and the girl can´t say shit since you can´t see her face,
so nobody know who she is, better since this one was more crazy and really a bad bad creature
of nature, quite a freak really)

In a nice town I find myself in
let the sunshine begin
Friday was yesterday
I had juice in my mind
hence I had to find…
a woman
been quite the while
since I was with a normal female
did I said that outloud?
anyways there is one dark cloud
above me now
not yesterday though
know what I man bro?
mother actually hook me up again with that relationships
so I sailed the ship and crush her hips! You peeps.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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