I have nothing prepared

I do write in paper, it is beautiful, I spent what it seems two hours to find the pen,
Hit it!
i open wordpress
and the word comes out to in express
i do write things down as they come to my head
not even bothering to edit my read
so i just do my mental literature horning
it´s fun for me, and it calms me down,
you know Dan Brown?
therapy i call it
so be it and spit if you want this writ.

Jesus what a fucking day today, my psychologist literally kicked me out, she said
I was full of BS, I only flirted with her once every session, so that it is normal….
I do know something, I write badly and that is my therapy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. She shoulda known what she was getting into… is it true? She kicked out You? So frosty and Blue. For a little bit of flirting, excuse me, I do too!

    1. Yes that is true. Although to her credit she kicked me out in a way that you actually might say thank you for the kind words. But essentially that was it. Quite funny really, don’t need these one for me others do and much respected. I just figured it out that my agressive nature, the BS, does come from since I was born and then being in the Spanish Legion it did increment, that is a tough job and a violent one, but you sign up by your own choice. I actually do better training consciously my own mind to be calmer. Who do you think is taking care of my mother now that she is almost dying? Me. I still laugh inside that is, when she says ” I would never imagine you would be like this” Not even my mother knows what I have been through and why I´m extremely good when the shit hits the fan. Stay Frosty meaning- stay cool, collected, and be prepared at the next step to put all your skills into work to make the situation better.
      I got that from a U.S Marine Seargent that we where attached to, nice guy actually we did get our job done.
      So no wonder people doubt me when they do not really know or know but don’t know how I manage those things. I always say I go from 0-100 in a second in it´s truly a need be done. And mommy is mommy so out goes the drinking and just being her care taker.
      The flirting… it´s something I just do to keep my mind out of other serious things.

    1. That is why I was good in the army, I did shoot straight except once I put a spin on the bullet and it a deer we called affectionally Bambi…… kind of traumatic until this day.

      Appreciate very much you taking the time to read and comment.

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