Best Socrates quote ever

There is another one.

“When you don’t know what your talking about…shut up! And listen, listening is knowledge”
Mr.Socrates………. o.k you got me, maybe it was my quote but I´m fairly sure Socrates told me
that. I´m a bit old, Alzheimer starting to kick in.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. That is democracy though, given voice to people you disagree with. The only problem I have with social media, being Face Book, Youtube, Twitter, Google, and probably left some out is that they are very radical left politicaly and in their policies. I have no problem that they are left wing, but the problem becomes when they are radical since they have in countless occasions censored public figures that don’t believe what they believe. In their minds those people who have a different set of values are a threat and what do you do with a threat? You get rid off it. And that has happened as I said before numerous times and keeps on happening. Everything in life that is radical is no good just in your own day to day living for example. So these companies either literally kick them out of their platform or play with them making it hard for people to find their videos, or articles, whatever it might be. And that is called Totalitarianism, which is what dictators are.

    1. For me in quite a lot of occasions is better to stay quite and listen, then you can learn something, be it something good, something bad, or BS, you learn about the people even when they’re trying to BS you. You learn that that person is not to be trusted and then you have one up on him or her. If you play it right that is. And it when it comes to no BS about serious topics that interest me, I prefer to just listen and once in a while chip in. Because I can at that moment after hearing and then contrasting in my own head what I think I know about the topic.

    1. Thank you very much Vincent, I don’t see it but I appreciate very much you found it interesting, I´m just a crazy Priest…. I´m actually starting to believe that I´m a real Priest!

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